Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline August 2012

Dino Perez The Steering Column
Left Hand Drive

from our President

You know the old saying when it rains it pours. Thatís what happens in Chicago with our weather. Either we get too much rain or too much heat. Well, this year the summer is just a little too hot for a top-down drive. Well I went out and like a dummy, got a sunburn for the first time. I did find out that this stuff called Noxzema really works!

This monthís MG meeting was held upstairs in the main dining area instead of downstairs due to the storms. Victor did a great job getting an email blast out we had a good turnout. We had improvised the seating in the open area but it was still hard to hear the conversation. Sorry for those who could not hear me very well. The good news is the Golden Pheasant is getting new tables and chairs for the downstairs banquet room. We should be back in our usual meeting area next month.

I had another wire encounter to fix. Dave Woodcock finished the Jo Daviess tour by luck but sometimes the car did not want to start. After some troubleshooting the symptoms, I found the distributor feed wire shield looked okay but the inside copper wire was broken in half and intermittently making contact. I put a new wire using the original terminals. Thank God it was an easy find because sometimes it's hard to trouble shoot a distributor.

Just a reminder to all our members that we have a rally come up on August 5th - the Landsí End Rally. Hope to see lots of people out for this event.

Letís get out and drive our MGís.

-- David Perez     
Safety Fast!

Steve's British Connection

George Phariss The Steering Column
Right Hand Drive

from our Vice-President

What a great July! Lots of great drives and fun times with our MG friends. August looks to be just as good. See the calendar for upcoming drives and events. The Secrets Drive seemed especially good this time with lots of great roads. Maybe it was just better because we did not have any breakdowns. There also were some neat experiences with horses. Once, with a loose single horse and another with a whole galloping herd of horses in a field where they seemed to be trying to out race us to a corner of the field. What a memory! Also, Jana and I were one of the ones in a group of about 7 cars that missed out on seeing the herd of cows that were being herded down the road called Bouska as we were headed toward Irish Ridge road and Hwy 18 into Prairie du Chien. We tried to take a different road to get back to the route. Not a good idea. We should have just waited a little longer and we would have seen that the herd consisted of 2 cows and a bull. The confrontation between the bull and the shovel would have been fun to see. Overall the drive was a huge success. Thanks Dan and Nancy for the excellent planning.

The drive that the Hansen's planned into Chicago was also a great drive. We started out in Lake Bluff and drove down Sheridan Road with a few side trips, on our way to Lake Shore Drive where we exited at North Avenue and on to the Goose Island Brewery for lunch, refreshments, and relaxation. The planning by Ray and Sue was very evident as we saw lots of sights and got a history lesson as well. All went well as we pretty much stayed together for the entire route. The use of a front to back communication system went well.

Unfortunately we missed the Gathering of the Faithful. But we are sure that they enjoyed a great time. There are still lots of fun drives coming up if you have not had a chance to make one yet. The sunny days are continuing, I know we need some rain, well maybe lots of rain, but while we have this dry weather, we should take advantage of it in our cars.

This coming week end I am going with my brother, son and one of my grandsons to the Brickyard 400 in Indianapolis. As I said before, I am rooting for Tony Stewart. I have been one of his fans since the mid 90's. I was working with Tony's uncle at that time. He just loves to race anything with 4 wheels and he has been successful!

-- George Phariss    

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