Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline August 2012

CMGC Regalia

There are still plenty of Club license plate frames available for purchase, but if you want one, I wouldn't wait too long. They are Stainless Steel and are only $14.
CMGC Name tags are a great way to be recognized at various club functions. Get on the list for the next production run. Only $5.00 each plus $1.50 mailing fee if you aren't able to pick up at a club meeting.
Remember to see Dave Ransom if you want a Club Calendar. They are a great buy at only $10.

Our Fieldhouse web site store is getting a few more hits and we are seeing more sales of our Regalia. One of the nice features is the personalization that you can do with the merchandise. One of my favorite tee shirts has MGB and 78 on the back. I liked it so much, that I ordered one for Jana. There are many ways to make it the way you like it. There is a link to our store from our club web site.
-- George Phariss    

Monthly Column of Driving Events

In my last column I suggested that you should be planning to participate in many MG Driving events before the summer is gone. Well, based on the attendance of the last couple of events the Chicagoland MG Club is doing that very well. Many MG's at Ray and Sue Hansen's Lake Shore Tour and the Gathering of the Faithful in St. Charles. In this issue you should find a report and photos of both events.

The Chicagoland MG Club has a lot more for you to enjoy. Russ and Amy Mehaffey are doing the Lands End Trial and I wrote in more detail about that event in the July issue. Then we have the University Motors Summer Picnic. The club will have a caravan going to Grand Rapids and there will be a Chicagoland MG Club BBQ at the car show park on Saturday. Our president Dino is coordinating the effort. Watch the web site and facebook for last minute schedule details. It is also still not too late to sign up for the Grand Lake Touró the endurance rally around Lake Michigan organized by club member and rally specialist Mark Michalak.

Together with the 2nd Miata Auto Cross and Dino's South Side Garage Tour, August promises to be a very busy month. I hope to see all of you out on the road at one or more of our driving events. Summer is over before you know it!


The title of my column is Directions. Usually directions means going forward and mostly the column is about what lies ahead of us. This time I am going to make an exception and look back on the GOF. We spoke about that event several times this year: right here in my column and at many meetings. And it worked. I don't think that any of the previous 33 GOF's (Yes, this was the 34th running of the GOF Central) had so much involvement from the Chicagoland MG Club. There were cars from our club on the show field, we helped organizing and running the car show and the rally, Dino helped fixing MG's a lot older than his own (his MG RV8 or his age), and I saw many CMGC faces and cars just as spectators. Other than the annual Holiday Party this was probably the closest that the two organizations ever worked together. So let's turn this around and look forward again. I hope that all of you agree that this is the direction that the MG Clubs of Chicago should go. Work together to get more MG's at events. More difference in MG cars and more variety in MG personalities. The world just gets so much nicer when there are more MG's to share our driving experiences. In a future column we can discuss how we can that. For now, you can read all about it in the GOF report in this issue of the Driveline.

That's it for now. Please feel free to call or e-mail me about anything related to driving events (of any of the two MG Clubs of Chicago) at 847 342 9804 or

"The more you drive, the more you smile".

-- Reinout Vogt

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