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Placing the new rubber glazing on the new glass edge was delightfully easy. With a touch off soapy water the frame rails would slip on easily as well. Then we use some web strap clamps to pull it all tightly together while we installed lots of little screws. It sounds easy, in theory, but in the real world it is a bit more of a battle.

After the windscreen was assembled we took another short lunch break before installing it on the car. Again in theory it looks easy enough, only six bolts to install, two on each side and two in the center. Then again, sometimes all the optimism in the world only amounts to wishful thinking, and the job is only accomplished through sheer grunt and determination.

With all bolts tight the new bottom seal was lying flat out on the body cowling as it should, all bright and shiny, sweet as could be. Don spent a little time with the Windex to clean it up and admire the end result, and of course we had to get the victory picture. At 10:30 pm we called it quits and left installation of the glove box for Don to do later.

~~ Barney Gaylord    
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Feature Event
Gathering of the Faithful (GOF)
Pheasant Run, St. Charles, IL.
 July 24-27, 2012

The Gathering of the Faithful Central is an annual event organized by the various T Type Owners in seven Midwestern States. Every year, one of the seven clubs organizes the event. This year, it was our colleague organization, the Vintage MG Car Club of Chicago. It marked the 34th running of the event, a remarkable long tradition. Next year it will be in St. Louis, MS and 2014 is Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN.

Registration opened on Tuesday afternoon. That not only means that the 120 pre-registrations and a few walk-ins are signing in. No, a well-stocked hospitality suite opened with a great variety of free snacks, sodas, wine and beer at the same time . Items for the auction (to be held on Wednesday) could be previewed in the registration room while well over one hundred raffle items were on display in another separate room. The three rooms were the heart of the GOF with activity going on all the time when there were no outside events like the rally or car show. Two well-attended tech sessions were also on the agenda for Tuesday afternoon. I missed them because I was out on the parking lot welcoming many old and new MG friends that were driving and trailering in from a the seven Midwest states and places as far as Colorado, California, and Ontario, Canada.

Wednesday morning was the Rally and Tour to the Volo Automobile Museum. About 40 cars participated (only 10 or so in the rally). Our club staffed the start and finish. At 8:00 am several club members started signing in participants, handing out the paperwork and driving instructions, and started the cars at 9:00 am. At the same time, other CMGC members were already on their way to Volo to set up for the finish. Parking, directions to nearby restaurants for lunch, and instructions for the return to St. Charles were some of the duties of our club member volunteers. When the last car had left and by the time we had the club canopy and table packed up, it was too late to take Emma, my 1931 M-Type all the way to Volo. But going the direct route, 33 miles straight North on Rt 59, in Gene Cooper's TD put us in Volo in time to see a few cars finish and have lunch at Bobby's, a small local spot with good food and beer.

The GOF was also the National Meeting of the MMM Register, the pre-war Midget, Magna's and Magnettes's. These are all overhead cam 4 and 6 cylinder cars built between 1928, when the M-Type came out, and 1936, when the last N and P Types rolled of the line to make place for the first of the T Series, the TA. On Wednesday evening the North American MMM Register
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