Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline August 2013

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I want to thank Dave Bralich and his two helpers, Scott Fohrman and Chris McGrath for their presentation at our July club meeting. If you missed it, you missed a good one. The in-car videos of the vintage car racing scenes from Blackhawk, Road America and Watkins Glenn were absolutely fantastic. You don't get to see those very often, and then as a bonus, get to hear stories of the fabled tracks and commentary from the actual drivers. Obviously, I really enjoyed it and it was quite a Club hit!! Thanks again Dave for sharing. If interested, you might seek some upcoming race and be an assistant to one of these three. They said that they never turn down helpers.

Jana and I were able to participate in the Garage tour number 2 this year and I would be remiss if I did not comment on the event in this column. Wow, garages are to die for. Both Jeff and Sharon Powell and Rey and Lupe Navarro had items in their garages that could go in any car museum and keep people occupied longer than we had time available during the tour. Then we went to Andy Simo's manufacturing site to view quite a nice car collection and as a special treat, he gave us a personal tour of his manufacturing and testing space as well. Thank you to all for the special day!!

We have lots of activities coming up during August and if you have not done so, you should take a look at the club web site and select an event or two that meets your fancy. It looks like the weather might cool off a bit as we head into the remainder of the year. July has been hot and humid so far. For two weeks in August, Jana and I are heading to Alaska for our first ever cruise and visit the only state that we have not been to. We will miss the club monthly meeting which should be a very good one. We have another guest presenter, Ms. Tricia Felski of Hagerty Car Insurance to speak to us about insuring our vintage cars. She is a Triumph owner and club member, and she plans to make a short presentation, and then open it up to a question and answer period. So, here is your chance to ask those questions that you have wanted to ask about car insurance. Or if you are like me, you just like to hear the answers to questions that other people ask. All and all, it should be a good session, and I am sad that I am missing it, but I will pass along a question or two to Tricia.

I finally did some work on my B all by myself. Toward the end of the Secrets of Jo Davies tour, I thought that the squealing noise from under the hood was from a loose fan belt. Dan and Nancy, what a great three days!! At the Potosi brewery, I went out to tighten the belt, but found it to be tight and noted that there was a spritz of antifreeze around the engine compartment like it had been thrown there by the fan belt. As it turned out, I had a leaky water pump. So after we got home, I tackled the job and swapped it out with a new one. We have now put a couple of hundred miles on it and still no leaks, Wahoo!! My B is still handling much nicer since Jim Evans installed new front suspension polyurethane suspension bushings. Jana reminds me of this on every drive and wonders why we waited too long to get it done. I have no excuse. There are a couple of tech sessions coming up that could meet your needs and help you do some work on your car. Just look at the web site under tech sessions.

RememberóSafety Fast!
-- George Phariss      

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