Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline August 2013
Tech Session

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The entire project took 11 hours (starting at 08.15 am until 7.15 pm.), but a number of unforeseen problems were resolved during this project. It was a big job to tackle in 1 day, perhaps too big, but it did get it done which was the primary objective.

Sue Stealey & Kate Skegg provided sustenance to the guys – both lunch and dinner. Thanks!

    When the project was finished we completed the following tasks:
  • Remove Engine & gearbox, split them, reassemble & reinstall.
  • New water pump
  • New clutch slave cylinder
  • New clutch – the new throw out bearing was wider than the old one & needed some ‘fettling’ to fit.
  • New Engine rear oil seal
  • Rebuilt Flywheel & ring gear installed
  • New Starter motor
  • Studs, exhaust flange to pipe, replaced
  • Changed gearbox oil
  • Changed the throttle cable which was badly frayed at the Carb for a second hand one.
  • Front RH side engine mounting bracket was cracked - replaced with a secondhand one.
  • Alternator position was ‘adjusted’ so it lined up with the other two pulleys.
Exhausting! But we did it. Engine running at the start & finish. Job done! Thanks to all who helped.
~~Victor L’Heureux

Next Month….Tech Session..

MGB Inspection, Tune-Up and Testing

Saturday, August 24, 2013 -- 10:00 am
At Walter Szempruch home
4936 Ridge Drive, Gurnee, IL

Walter Szempruch has recently finished restoring a late model MGB, converted to Weber 32/36 DGAV carburetor. He has it running, but not perfect yet. He would like any and all opinions and advice about anything that may be less than perfect, and how to make it better and reliable as a nice daily driver car.

We will be doing a casual tune-up and a bumper to bumper inspection to identify anything that may be sub-standard or non-original. This will be much like a pre-purchase inspection to let the prospective buyer (current owner in this case) know the exact condition of the car and what it may need to bring it up to normal expectations for a nice daily driver car.

For people who know something about MGB, this is your chance to cast aspersions, express opinions and make recommendations on how to make the car better. Test drives are requested to enhance your opinions. Walter would also like to drive some other MGs for comparison, if you would be willing to take him for a spin around the block in your car.

For those who may know "not enough" about MGB, this is your chance to poke around a nice clean MGB and learn a bit more about them. Refreshments will be served. Bring an open mind.

Walter Szempruch - - 847-244-3383

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