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There are four more months on our 2014 Driving Events calendar. And although we still have several great rides, rallies and events in October and November, the real summer events are going to be in the two months ahead of us; August and September. If you haven’t had the MG out with the clubs yet, time may be running out before you know it. Take a good look at the list of remaining events, block the days that you’d like to join us in your MG on your family calendar, and stick to the plan. We’d love to see your MG with your family and/or friends before the 2014 season is over.

The GOF Central is probably in the history books when you read this column, but the Presidents Picnic, Drive-in Movie Night, University Motors Summer Party, Tally Ho Rally, and the Westmont Cruisin’ Night are all still to come and in these newsletters you should find all the relevant information. That brings me to an important point. We noticed that some of the invitations for past events didn’t appear in one of the newsletters. Please accept our apologies for these omissions. But let’s not make it too big of an issue of it either. If you saw an event on the annual calendar, heard about it on the club meetings, or read about it in this column, you can safely assume that it is taking place - even if you miss the details in the newsletter of the month of the event. Please don’t even think that we cancel an event, we just haven’t synchronized the newsletter copy. 

This year we made the national conventions also count for our season trophies. That means that there are dash plaques for the NAMGBR convention MG 2014 in French Lick, IN, the GOF Central in Chaska, MN, the AMGCR CBA XXXIV in Cottage Grove, OR, and the NAMGAR GT-39 in Ottawa Canada. Because these large events don’t have an organizer from one of our clubs it is difficult to get the names of all attendees. Therefore, if you have been, or are going to, one of


these and you haven’t signed up on the club sheet or received a dash plaque, please let me know.

As I mentioned in my previous column, we have two newer members who have taken on the challenge of organizing an event. Phil and Sandy Wydra’s Garage Tour was a huge success and I hope that you come out and support Bill and Jean Kalifut’s Westmont Cruisin’ Night also. That event may need a little bit of advanced planning as it is on a Thursday, early in the evening. I am planning to get Emma in the trailer the night before and leave work early to get there in time. There will be music, food, a walking rally through downtown Westmont (I haven’t been there yet but it can’t be large of an area), and a people choice car show. We’ll have dash plaques and trophy shot glasses. Hope to see many participants of both clubs.

Rich Meservey has indicated that he’d like to try to resurrect the Lucas Memorial Night Rally - an older event that hasn’t been on the calendar in the last couple of years because there was no organizer. Rich and Sundy are planning October 11, maybe the 4th (and if it turns out too short to pull it off, they’ll do it next season). I will keep you posted on their progress. In any case, I am really happy with another great initiative. With new members like the Wydra’s, the Kalifut’s, and the Meservey’s, the future of the MG Clubs of Chicago is in good hands.

As always, I love to hear your ideas, suggestions, questions, and comments. Drop me a note at or call me at 847 342 9804. Or better yet, let’s talk at one of the upcoming events. You’ll be there, right!

"The more you drive, the more you smile".
-- Reinout Vogt

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You'll have to be there to see what it's all about! Cars show up between 4:30 and 5:30. Rally starts around 6, and dinner at around 6:45.

23rd annual Vintage & Antique Motorcycle show: Chicago Norton Owners Club. Sunday, August 5th. All are welcome and invited to come. Last year, more than 90 antique bikes were on display, of which around 6 were Nortons! Loads of interesting bikes will be on display.

Meadowdale Raceway car show—Dino reminded everybody of the car show at the historic raceway in Carpentersville IL, scheduled for Saturday, September 20th.

Next meeting, August 18th, will be run by Victor, because the ‘prez’ will be at his High School reunion. I won't say which one...


Meeting adjourned at 9:38 pm

Yours respectfully,
David Novak

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