Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline August 2014
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For those of you who may be wondering, I did not have any misadventures with giant muskies or northerns on my trip, so I still have all my fingers and no battle scars. But the bass were on the feed, both smallies and loud mouths. And the temperature was perfect, nice MG driving weather. As it has been all summer so far, except for a little more rain than usual. This month we have a book from my personal collection, a bio on Walt Hansgen.

Walt Hansgen Walt Hansgen
Michael Argetsinger, 2006, 389 pages, photos, hard bound

Subtitled His life and the History of Post-War American Road racing. This is a long book but it covers his career in detail, with a full chronology of his racing record. Of special note to MGers is that one of his earliest races was at the 1952 12 hours of Sebring in a TD, finishing 10th overall. More importantly he drove a car owned by Kjell Qvalle, number 53, the MG Liquid Suspension Special at the 1964 Indy 500 (DNF) winning Rookie of the Year for his qualifying time. He returned in 65 with the car and placed 14th.

Note: The July 2014 Driveline on page 19 has a photo of the car from the Indy Museum. The data card incorrectly (I believe) lists AJ Foyt as the driver. AJ won the 64 Indy, but he was driving a front engine roadster. It is possible that he did some practice laps in the MG. I checked this on the internet, so it must be true.

~~Bill Mennell

CMGC Regalia
I see more and more regalia that is purchased from our club's on-line store at "". It is a great place to find a sharp, stylish piece of clothing. There is a wide selection of items, colors, and sizes and you can personalize any of the items by adding a name or slogan or car information. Our store has a great selection of clothes specifically for him, her, infants, and toddlers. There is another web site that has lots of merchandise for British car enthusiast that our club logo is also available and that is "". Many of you noticed the Joseph Lucas and intermittent headlights tee shirt that I wore to our last club meeting. That is also another type of clothing available from "Triple-C". Take a look at their web site.

As always, if you have any problems, do hesitate to call George or email me and I will try to help you out.

CMGC Nametags!
For the following members who recently purchased the CMGC Nametags, your wait is almost over. The recent order has been placed with the engravers and should be available soon.
   Ralph Brooks     52 TD      Mary Brooks   53 TD      David Novak     74 MGB
   Lisa Novak       74 MGB     Jean Heasley  70 MGB     Kathy Szempruch 75 MGB
   Bernie Mayer     77 MGB
   Mary Ann Wilkens 59 Morris Minor Traveller (2 badges)
   Peter Hays       68 MGB (2 badges)
~~ George Phariss  

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