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Last month’s column included the interim standings after 6 events for the two club trophies; the Moss Motors Trophy and the Victoria British Trophy. As you may recall these where always presented to the driver and navigator of the year. That went back to the days that we had more rallies and the driver and navigator teams were not always from the same household/family/couple. The club events and the demographics of the members have changed and the last few years the two trophies ended up on the same fireplace mantel. Therefore we made a change two years ago and used the Moss Motors Trophy of the best overall team, which was won by Rich Meservey and Sundy Mead in 2014, and the Victoria British Trophy for the best team in competition that is rallies and autocrosses, which went home with Russ and Amy Mehaffey in 2014. The points schedule for 2015 was published in the beginning of the season and is also published on our websites.

  Although I mentioned that there are fewer events in the month of July, I just tallied-up the points for 6 more events. Yes, we already had 12 driving events this year. Summer is going fast and maybe you ask yourself the question how many times you drove your MG to any of these 12 events. Rich Meservey an Sundy Mead don’t really need to ask the question, They attended 10 events in their 1980 MGB LE and are firm in the lead for the overall club championship with 22 points towards the Moss Motors Trophy. In second place is Jim Compton with co-driver Bob Dorley with 17 points. Jim campaigned his 1978 MGB only in the rallies and autocrosses (2 each so far) but scored pretty well (one 1st pace and two 2nd places).Third place with 11 points is a tie between Ray and Sue Hansen with their 1979 MGB, Bob Lee and his 1953 MG TD, and Ric and Nancy Maitzen’s 1951 MG TD. For the Victoria British Trophy the positions are reversed. Jim Compton is in 1st place with 17 points while Rich and Sundy are 2nd with 10 points. Third place, tied with 9 points are George and Jana Pharris, 1978 MGB, and James Brennan


with navigator Jane Kasper, 1970 MGB.

I like the way these two championships unfold. There is competition, strategies to participate a lot, score high (or try both), event organizers are recognized with extra points and two of the six places I just discussed are T-Types. A great season! I am looking forward to August with a wide variety of events: Morris and MG Gathering, MG Summer Party in Grand Rapids, Tally Ho Rally (extra points of the Victoria British Trophy), Westmont Cruise Night with points for popular vote cars show and a walking rally (no points for the competition trophy, only of the overall standings), Garage Sale, President’s Picnic (VMGCC only) and Movie Night. Please see the announcements in this newsletter, on our websites, and in the weekly email-blast, now also to the members of the VMGCC. I hope to see some changes in the standings for the next column and maybe we’ll see an MGA, or a Midget, or even a few more T-Types in the standings. 

And lastly I would like to ignite a little bit extra competition for the Tally Ho Rally. In 2014, the first three places were all for MG T-Types. The MGB’s and similar models got their rear-bumpers kicked, so the speak. Let’s see what happens this year. And you know what? The best way to make something happen is to come out and do the rally. More MG T-Types too defend the title, and more MGA’s, MGB’s, and Midget to take revenge. We’ll be watching on the side line with Emma, who doesn’t count in any of the two categories.

As always, please give me a call at 847 342 9804 or email me at with suggestions or question. I look forward to hear from you.

"The more you drive, the more you smile".

-- Reinout Vogt

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