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to visit a few more friends (and their MGs of course). By the 10th of July we were in Fairview, CA with more MG friends and tinkering with a couple more cars, and by evening Shingle Springs, CA, to visit Tom Pope who had an MGA (with a brake problem we would fix), a 1931 MG M-type, MG TC, and Jaguar E-type. On the 13th the little trailer got a new set of tires, and I was pleasantly surprised that the prior set had done 33,000 miles since October. We spent a couple more days catting around some neat mountain roads and making a last ditch effort to contact a few remaining car clubs in northern California.

On the 16th we made one more pass through Shingle Springs to visit Lawrie Alexander, owner of British Sports Car Center, who has been recently winding down operations of the big shop while leaning toward retirement. In the evening we were playing our way north as far as Redding, and slightly farther west to Weaverville (about midnight). Stopping to investigate a slight whistle from the engine bay I found the front carburetor sloppy loose, needing to tighten the mounting bolts more than a few turns. In the process I discovered the "new" (2-months old) 7-blade plastic fan was now a 5-blade fan, with two prior blades found lying in the engine bay. Apparently the plastic blades are quite light, and it doesn't seem to have any noticeable vibration, so we soldier on with 5 blades.

Next day on the 17th we ran north through the mountains to visit a friend with an MG ZB Magnette in Etna, CA. Along with a nice visit and some WiFi work and lunch I gave the Magnette a carburetor tuning, and then we were off again in the evening to Yreka, CA on I-5, then a couple more hours north out of California to Roseburg, Oregon to spend the night. Next morning we were off early to Junction City (west of Eugene, OR) for a picnic with British Motor Club of Oregon and at least four additional British car clubs. That was a hoot with about 30 British Cars present. A couple days later we were visiting Bob Macherone at Sports Car Shop in Eugene, Oregon. Lots of nice cars going through his shop, and he gave me a new old stock brake light switch that might just be the answer to my constantly failing switches.

On the 21st we attended a club meeting with Willamette MG Club meeting at McNary Golf Course Restaurant in Keizer, Oregon (it's Wil-lam'-it, dammit). There were a couple dozen people there, and a report from NAMGBR MG-2015 in Niagara Falls. After that meeting we sailed north up I-5 for a late night visit with Jae Munson in Portland. This guy is cousin to Keith Farley in Columbus, Georgia, and he has a "sister car", another one of "Grandpa's MGB" (remember that one from last December?). I just spent a couple days sorting out some of the wiring problems on this car. Late night on the 24th we sailed south a few hours to Florence. Next morning the 25th we had a breakfast meeting with Central Oregon Coast British Car Club, after which we sailed back north to Portland to take up where we left off fixing Grandpa's MGB. This one appears to be the challenge of the decade with wiring so bodged up that it looks like a graduate thesis for a college auto electrical degree program. We will let you know how it comes out later (but of course we know it will all work when finished).

For the curious, we have passed 52,000 miles for this trip.

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~~Barney and Elliot Gaylord

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