Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline August 2015
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Secrets of Jo Daviess
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June 26-28, 2015

Our Tour kicked off Friday evening where 14 cars and 27 people gathered about at the Country Inn & amp; Suites in Stockton IL. We all managed to dodge the rain and put down the tops for a nice ride to Pearl City for that evenings Fish Fry dinner.

The following morning we were off for an adventurous day! A rainbow of colors of 14 MG’s paraded out of the County Inn parking lot and headed for the country roads. The ride was magnificent! The roads winded and curved. We climbed uphill and then roller coastered down, WHAT A BLAST!!! The scenery was picturesque! There are lush corn fields, immaculately kept rustic barns & amp; huge silos, lots of livestock and horses grazing about.

Along with the beautiful farms scenes comes some strong “stinky” smells….PEE EWU!!!! We rode through the Palisades Mississippi State Park and what a ride that was! There were huge inclines and mountainous trees as we climbed up to where we all congregated and took pictures of the Mighty Mississippi River.

Our next stop was riding the exhilarating country roads to Poopy’s Pub for lunch and tattoos! We were then joined up with another driver making our total Count 15 cars, 28 people. We all relaxed while enjoying the food, live music then taking a quick peek in the novelty store where there was plenty of “POOP” innuendos printed on all kinds of apparel. Needless to say, no one left with a souvenir tattoo. There was an array of Harleys in the parking lot as we departed for our next leg of the tour.

We drove 32.5 miles of yet more stunning landscapes and winding roads and arrived at Blaum Bros. Distilling Company to quench our thirst with a tasting of fine bourbon or perhaps a choice cocktail mix of their signature Jalapeno Vodka…HELLFIRE…….SPICEEY!! It was hard to get up after lounging in those warn in luxurious leather sofas! Onward to more “Drinking and driving” events…. (just

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