Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline August 2017

The Steering Column

Ray Hansen
Left Hand Drive
from our President

I was sitting in my usual spot in the garage when Ray came in and said he needed me to write the Left-Hand Drive article for the August Driveline. Ray believes that since I get credit every month I should contribute. Personally, Iím guessing the real reason is writers block. Whatever the reason I have my assignment. After all, Ray is in the driverís seat.

July was eventful due to some health issues. I was unable to join my car friends at any of the club events; I was busy with doctorís appointments. First, I had a trip to doctor Dino Perez. He is something of a neurosurgeon for cars. The electrodes in my brain were misfiring causing a host of little issues, running lights on continuously, no dash instruments and no horn. Ray looked for the obvious like a disconnected wire or bad fuse to no avail. An outpatient treatment from Dr. Perez with a few tweaks to the wiring and reconnecting a disconnected ground wire was able to solve my problems. The ground wire is in the boot and not where Ray was looking. I could have told him that. He must have skipped high school auto shop. The diagnosis from Dr. Perez was almost immediate. He knew about the ground wire just from the symptoms. There is nothing like experience and a good bedside manner.

Dr. Perez then referred me to a cardiologist, Dr. Tom Josefek. After listening to my engine, Dr. Josefek determined that I needed valve surgery. Another outpatient operation was performed to rehab the valve in my carburetor and a few adjustments were made. Now I have more pep than ever. I still need a follow-up visit to solve the problem of run on. I just want to keep on going. Dr. Josefek wants me to get some exercise to see how I am doing before my next visit. With a medication adjustment and following doctorís orders, I should be as good as new again.

So, even though we all have aches and pains at our age, with good medical care and following doctorís orders, we can still enjoy a quality life. Drink plenty of fluids and exercise regularly. See you on the road.
~~ Maggie (AKA Little Red)
& Ray Hansen


Jim Compton The Steering Column
Right Hand Drive  
from our Vice-President  

Driving season is in full swing. Weíve already had some great rallies, a car show, an autocross and couple of picnics. We may even have a new project car in our future. Our club is active in many different facets of the auto club world; sometimes I find it hard to keep up with it all. But we canít do it without YOU! Your planning efforts, your participation all add to the joy we all get from these events. I donít know about you but I get a thrill out of being in the lineup with all of your cars.

We are keeping the breed going. True there wonít be any new MGAs, MGBs or midgets. But never say never. While the brand is in China right now, maybe weíll see a new roadster here sometime in the future.

I really want to thank those folks that have organized one of our events. I know I wouldnít be having this much fun without their efforts. So Hatís off to Ric & Nancy Maitzen for the Spring tour, James Brennen for the Highland Games, Jamie & Tim Schafer and Ray & Sue Hanson for the Jo Daviess tour, Doug Clark & Reinout Vogt for the Ice cream Run, Scott Fohrman for the Mid-Summer MG Party, Ray & Mardee Costa for the Garage Tour and Morris & MG Picnic and Robert Weinstein for the 41/51 tour. There are still more great events to come. If Iíve missed thanking anyone. Know itís not that I donít appreciate all youíve done, sometimes my memory isnít as good as Iíd wish. If youíve enjoyed these events as much as I have let these folks and any others that have worked on these or other events know how much you appreciate their efforts. Better still plan an event of your own. I know Jamie will love to have a full calendar for 2018. Together we make this club work. Thank you all!

Safety Fast

~~~ Jim Compton

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