Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline August 2017


July 15th was a great day to autocross. The weather was just cool enough that you didnít get baked. Dean Hickenlooper and I represented the MG club at the Windy City Miata club. Our cars were the oldest out there, and believe it or not, not the biggest leakers. A 1996 Miata took top honors

Our MGís are ready to run!
in the leak category. He blew an oil line. I got top honors as the slowest driver of the day. My wife says thatís nothing new. Dean beat my best time with a 46.928 seconds. My best was 51.133 seconds. With only the two of us there we got put into the Non-Miata under 2.5 liter category. Ours were also the only non-fuel injected cars in our class. Now if it sounds like Iím trying to justify my dismal performance. Well, maybe I am. But, since most of you werenít there to show me how itís done. Iíll just have to be satisfied that I was faster than all of you that didnít show up!

Show me what You Got!

So you want to show your stuff? You know you can do better! Then come out and join us on August 13th. That is the next date weíll be running with the Miata club. Come out and show me how you do it!

2017 Chicagoland MG Autocross Participation Schedule

August 13, 2017   Miata Autocross III
Boomers Stadium, Schaumburg, IL

September 2, 2016   Miata Autocross IV
Boomers Stadium , Schaumburg, IL

~~Jim Compton  

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