Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline August 2017
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After the Civil War, The La Posta Compound (in Old Mesilla just two miles Southwest of Las Cruces, New Mexico ) became an important stop on the Butterfield Stagecoach Line.

We descended through Alamogordo, passing White Sands National Monument and the U.S. Missile Range and Proving Ground. When we arrived in Las Cruses, we went to La Posta de Mesilla for dinner with the British Motor Car Club of Las Cruses. They generally meet only fall through spring, but arranged a meeting for us to join them.

We left Las Cruses to drive through more desert to Tucson. We were warned of dust storms across the highway in eastern New Mexico, but fortunately did not see one. One of the gas stops resulted in a stalled car—however, it turned out to be vapor lock, and we were soon on our way again. We used the hotel shuttle to go to dinner at the Silver Saddle that evening. One couple from the local club joined us.

Leaving Tucson at 6:00 a.m., we drove around south of the Phoenix area and headed out into more desert. We were in a desolate area, finding closed restaurants and gas stations. Everyone was glad to arrive in Gilo Bend for a break! We were in Yuma by shortly after twelve. Time to cool off! Dinner was at a silver train car called Penny’s Diner for burgers and shakes.

Sunday, we drove from an elevation of 125 feet, passed the Imperial Dunes and up to an elevation of 4,150 feet. Then down into cool, beautiful San Diego for “MGs at the Bay.” We were welcomed at Paradise Point by Diana and Melissa Gonzales, who flew out, and by NAMGBR Chairman, Alan Magnuson, who directed us to the parking area. 3,584 miles! We went down to the dock for our glass of Pacific Ocean water to pour over our tires.

Gene and Becky Cooper from Pryor Lake, MN, found us having lunch at the Barfoot Bar and Grill. They drove out in Gene’s MGB.

During MG2017, there were tech sessions including John Twist’s rolling tech session, craft sessions, beach parties, MGs and coffee, and tours. Some of us drove a coastal drive while others participated in events at the hotel. Monday evening, we were taken to Old Town San Diego for another fabulous Mexican dinner at Casa Guadalajara. After dinner, we enjoyed sights around San Diego including a stop at the marina where the Midway is on display. Wednesday’s car show was downtown at Embarcadero Marina North and the evening’s banquet was at Paradise Point. Awards were given out and the announcement was made that next year’s NAMGBR 27th convention will be June 17 to 22, 2018 in Gettysburg, PA. A mere 693 miles from home!

Thursday morning our traveling group split up, some going to Arizona and Grand Canyon, some to Las Vegas, some directly home. We traveled with two other couples for a couple of days, through Sedona and Oak Creek Valley in Arizona, then through New Mexico.

From Santa Rosa, NM, we traveled home. Total Miles—5,826 with a 47-year-old car—a Trip of a lifetime!

~~ Shirley Goebbert  

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