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maintenance success and new confidence in the car, we drove 100 miles west from Anchorage out on the Kenai peninsula.

Thursday 7/6 we ran out to Homer Spit at the end of the Kenai peninsula, including a visit Bay Avenue Garage in Homer. Unfortunately, we have concluded that this shop is now defunct. After Homer, we ran a bit north to Anchor Point, the farthest point west that you can drive in North America, then farther back up AK-1 while spotting Moose in the dark (when it finally got dark after midnight). Next day a side trip to visit Seward and Miller's Landing where cruise ships commonly dock and transfer passengers to tour buses. Here we accidentally bumped into Martin Walters from BSCA club. On the way back a short stop in Moose Pass, the "Peaceful Little Town".

July 4th parade in Anchorage with BSCA
Then we were back in Anchorage to visit Adrian Dixon aRepairs Unlimite. He was anxious to get some pictures of the MGA, as he services at least one of those as well as MGB and some other vintage British cars in the area. We would return here later.

Miller's Landing in Sewart, AK

Saturday was a catch-up day and a return visit to Del Rawlins to pick up the head gaskets which had finally arrived. Also Sunday for tech questions and a new web page to list all captive fasteners in the MGA (because these things are NOT listed in in the Service Parts List, but they need to be repaired or replaced sometimes during restoration work). Monday, we picked up two new spare tires and wheels for the trailer,

Jason Yardley shop in Wasilla, AK
then ran 50 miles north to visit Jason Yardley in Wasilla, AK. Jason is still a repair shop for vintage British cars, although he is getting closer to retirement. He is a certified factory tech for Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Saab and I think Mercedes Benz as well, but prefers to work on the earlier non-electronic models.

Next day we were back to Adrian's shop to have a look at a 1969 MGB GT belonging to Luke Clement in Anchorage, AK. This car used to belong to his father, appears to be mostly original, except missing the air pump. It was running a but rough, fortunately only needing carburetor adjustments. Then a couple more shops to visit. First one was F.A.T.S. Auto Service in Anchorage, a large parts store on one side of the street and service shop on the other side. They can do mechanical and electrical work on vintage British cars. Then on to Arctic Import Repair in Anchorage. They also do mechanical and electrical work,

Lloyd Alexander TS (1958-1961)
no paint or restoration work, vintage British cars welcome. A stop at TPS Collision Repair in Anchorage revealed that it is slated to close in September (2017), and they are not accepting new orders. They sent us round the block to visit Classic Auto Rebuilding (Anchorage) who do restoration work on classic cars.

With no more formal appointments in Alaska, we got to turn into tourists for a while, looking at places with desolate roads and no internet connection. We back tracked a bit south to Whittier, AK, just because I had not been there before, and a friend thought it should be interesting. Final approach to the town involves driving through a single lane train tunnel, 2-1/2 miles at 25-mph makes six minutes in the tunnel. Whittier is mostly a large
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