Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline September 2011

Bill Reece The Steering
Left Hand Drive

I have been seeing MG’s all over the place!!! For those of you that don’t know, I recently moved from Lombard to St. Charles. I spent the first half of the summer driving out to St. Charles to work on the new house. Finally, Jan and I moved in. The second half of the summer I have been doing the reverse commute (going back to Lombard) to work on the old house and get it ready for renters. I have spent a lot of time on Route 64 (North Avenue). I have seen lots of Miata’s, Triumphs even a Sunbeam. Lately however I have been inundated with seeing MG’s.

On Wednesday of this week I had just left school and was heading home and I saw two (2) of them. On Thursday evening I was coming back from a quick stop in Lombard and I saw yet another; beautiful British Racing Green. He however was going the opposite way I was. North Avenue has U-turn lanes and I was coming up to one. So I swung back around, hit the gas a little bit and caught up with the guy (Steve was his name) at a gas station. I just so happened to have one of the club applications with me.

At first I figure he thought I was nuts, I’m sure. But I talked with him about the club, monthly meetings, driving events and the camaraderie of the members. It looks like we will be getting a new member pretty soon.

…..Enjoy the roads.

-- Bill Reese

Regalia Shopping

  The CMGC 2011—2012 Calendars are here!!

Dave Ransom of D&R Press has but together a gorgeous 4-color calendar featuring members’ cars on each month cover along with a listing of all the CMGC Club activities listed for the 2011 driving season.
You can pick up your calendar at the Monthly Club meeting.

-- George Phariss        


Dino Perez The Steering
Right Hand Drive

Well this past month has had quite a few days of rain – and when it was not raining it was hot and humid. On the few clear days I've been taking the other car out on the road before things start happening to it. I took the limo out the other day with the kids that Lisa takes care of. On one occasion we stopped at the local Home Depot that has a one month kid’s workshop. They would make wooden tool boxes, a napkin holder, a bird house, etc. After wards we would head off to the McDonald’s for a treat and the kids love it.

Spectators are confused when they see my little car shopping in style. As we are inside shopping, curious people taking photos of the limo. I keep forgetting how much attention the limo gets even while filling up at the gas station.

A week later we took the RV8 out to the Vintage Transport Extravaganza rally in Crystal Lake. We started out okay, but as our luck would have it we made one simple wrong turn and we ended up in Wonder Lake – not anywhere near where we were supposed to be. Wow what a wrong turn, but that’s okay - the rally roads where so nice we just kept going! I did call the Rallymaster said we are bailing out since we also were committed to attend a local car show in our town of Lake in the hills that afternoon.

I entered the RV8 and unexpectedly it took 1st place Best of Show overall. I was quite surprised since this was my first trophy with this car. The trophy stood about 4 feet tall - almost taller than me.

The point is to drive your MG cars rain or shine - that’s what these cars are for.

It was a fun day!

Saftey Fast -- Dino Perez

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