Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline September 2012

Dino Perez The Steering Column
Left Hand Drive

from our President

What a wonderful time I had at the GOF in St Charles, Illinois - there were 122 cars preregistered and about another 10 cars out on the lot. The weather was hot for the day of laying out the coarse I was helping ray, jerry, etc. . . . Don’t know how I survived with the heat it was brutal. I was half their age and still can’t handle being out in direct sunlight and go figure, I own drop tops. The following day it was slightly overcast but still a perfect car show day. If you didn't go you've missed out on probably the most gathering of vintage cars in years. Thanks GOF for the invite had a great time.

We’re not good at rallies but Lisa and I showed up at the Lands’ End Rally. Boy was that a great route - none of us got lost thanks to the tulip-style instructions. I did not answer any of the questions but just went for the cruise. The ending point was another great location. It amazes me how many different places are here in Illinois. A special thanks to all the event coordinators for the super fine jobs this year.

Lisa and I took a trip to University Motors Summer Party. We met at the Lincoln oasis at 10:00 with Jim Evans, Joe, Paul d’Arcy from Kankakee whom I’ve known of 26 years since the first British Car Festival at Danata farms. A nice ride and good roads through Michigan – it couldn’t have been more perfect.

The next thing I did was trade my ride for a drive an original chrome bumper factory V8GT of Terry McLain of South Carolina. Man did that car ride well. Not too many people drive the RV8, so I hoped he had enjoyed it as much as I did. With the help of Mark Michalak and Lisa, the afternoon burgers and hot dogs hit the spot. And let's not forget Mark MG bean bag toss! We had a great time!

Sorry about the August monthly meeting at Mack’s Golden Pheasant. It was held upstairs again due to the downstairs banquet room not been finished in time. Hopefully it will be done by next month’s meeting. We had a large turnout - 41 members and guests - for this month’s meeting. I was so surprised to see a large gathering. Standing room only. A new member, David Zebarah that I met in Michigan showed up from Indiana. Man was I surprised to see him at the meeting considering the storm. Near the end of the meeting there was a loud thunder that shook the walls and glass of the restaurant. I jumped so high it nearly gave me a heart attack! That was the comedy of the day.

Safety Fast!
-- David Perez     


George Phariss The Steering Column
Right Hand Drive

from our Vice-President

Wow, it is hard to believe that we are in the autumn of this year’s driving season already. Only a couple of good months left. This has been an active driving year with lots of good weather, yes, it has been hot, but still good driving weather. Jana and I are really looking forward to the Wine, Cheese, Beer, and Shakespeare Drive on the weekend of September 21-23 and it looks like so are a lot of other people. It looks to be a grand event.

Jana and I missed out on the Michigan events, but it appears from the pictures and comments, that everyone enjoyed a great weekend. Congratulations to, Steve Skegg and Kim Tonry for winning the drive around Lake Michigan competition. I think that I might like to try that sometime. If I do, I had better do it soon, because, I won't be getting any younger. Well, maybe doing that is not such a good idea... but it would be fun to try, I think? I should congratulate all who tried to do it and especially congratulate those that completed the drive around the lake. Everyone is a winner that completed the drive. It is like completing a marathon, everyone is a winner for just completing the more than 24 hour drive!

The Lands’ End Rally was also a very successful and fun event. Again, Jana and I were not able to make it due to a conflict, but the pictures and comments show what a great time was had by all. Great job by Russ and Amy Mehaffey on their planning! There are Driveline articles in this issue that cover these driving events in more detail. Pictures are available on our web site and on our Facebook site.

I haven't peeked at the remodeled meeting room digs at the Golden Pheasant Restaurant, but am looking forward to getting back downstairs to enjoying a better atmosphere for our meetings. It has been a challenge holding our meetings upstairs in the dining area. Dino has done a good job of keeping the meetings going in spite of the noise level and distractions. Good job Dino!

It will soon be time to nominate people for next year’s club officers. The club is always looking for new talent to help keep our club alive and active. So, if you are thinking about putting your name in the hat, just let one of the officers know and we would love to get you involved in a meaningful activity. There are several club areas that could use your attention.

-- George Phariss    

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