Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline September 2012
Past Events
Land’s End Rally
August 5, 2012

The Land’s End Rally lucked out with beautiful weather! The skies were blue and the humidity had lifted. We had a better than average turnout including four ‘first timers’. I’d like to say welcome and be sure to come back. At the rally there were 18 MGs, 1 motorcycle and one Tri-umph. One car dropped out in Plano due to carburettor problems. This was Don Haag, a new member, and he made it home OK - in Plano. Our hosts Russ and Amy Mahaffey came well supplied with lots of water and breakfast bars for all participants.

Alison Wagner/Dave Brantley
1st place rookie

The new format for the rally directions were easy to follow. The roads were fun as usual and the park tours gave us the shade we need-ed to cool off as we drove. The questions were cryptic enough to present a challenge and provided all the participants some interesting factoids we can all use in future bar bets or jeopardy tournaments. Finally the end destination Duffy’s Tavern in Utica was perfect. The establishment readily accommodated our over flow of participants. The food was good and the company was great!

Steven & Liz Gorr – 1st place
The winners of this year’s rally were:
Alison Wagner/Dave Brantley – 1st place rookie
Steven & Liz Gorr – 1st place
Roger &anp; Shirley Goebbert – 2nd place tie
John and Ann Schroeder – 2nd place

Thanks for a wonderful Chicagoland MG Club Rally. Once again our Land’s End Rally was a hit.

~~ Liz Gorr    

Event organizer and former winner, Mark Michalak, with the traveling trophy.
Lap Around the Lake
Grand Lake Endurance Challenge

August 16-17, 2012

The Grand Lake Endurance Chal-lenge started as a 1000 mile endurance rally around Lake Michigan navigating to find the shortest distance between checkpoints. It has also, in past years, explored other territory surrounding the Great Lakes and upper Mid-west. Teams are given roughly 24 hours to accomplish these objectives.

Eleven teams started in Grand Rapids and, after 969.9 miles later, the Chicagoland Trophy remains at home because club members Steve Skegg and Kim Tonry won 1st place.

Steve taking his turn at the wheel in the 24 hr endurance rally

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