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The 3 crept, now on their stomachs, to the top of a crest and there they saw activity, a construction-type site with heavy trucks, dozers, large forklifts and bright lights. Large metal containers were loaded into 53’ trailers. Weapons and drugs bound for the streets of New York, LA, Chicago and Houston. This probe was to measure enemy strength. 4 watch towers each manned with 30 caliber machine guns with 2 guards in each. The soldier counted 32 sentries and guards on the ground – 50 hard men to deal if unknown others in buildings or under cover were also counted.

As they waited small convoy entered the area. A Bentley Continental GT with a GM Yukon forward and aft entered the area – Ricardo Mendoza himself. The Neutralizer focused his Bausch & Lomb MZ 4500 Night Vision bionics.

“You have what you need Yankee”, Fernando said! “We go now and we plan for tomorrow as this shipment leaves then and all of Mendoza’s people will be here!” “Yes, we go”, the Neutralizer replied.

A short time later in a small hotel room in Chihuahua they planned their assault. The Neutralizer, Fernando, Aura and four of Fernando’s best men discussed the plan. Fernando’s men would each be assigned to a watch tower and would approach with a German-made Groschtan military crow bow. The cross bows were high tension and deadly to 200 years. Each tower assailant would be equipped with night vision and telescopic sighting. A graphite arrow carrying a nerve agent on its point would be instantly deadly.

The plan was to place an infrared targeting signature for the waiting F-16 which would could drop a 200lb precision bomb on the site. This could be done without the Neutralizer’s help. The Neutralizer and his team had a special seek and destroy mission for Mendoza and his top lieutenants. Once the towers were out and before the IR was placed they would spot and seek out Mendoza and take the drug king and his organization down.

It was late and with the planning complete for the following night Fernando and men filed out of the hotel.

Aura stayed and approached the Neutralizer. “You know senior, perhaps we may not be here tomorrow so maybe we should make the most of this evening…no?” The soldier gazed into those dark deep eyes and said, “Aura, you are beautiful woman and there is always that chance we may not make it thru the mission.” “So let’s make tonight count!!”

The two flung together in bed and instantly the Neutralizer was hit over the head hard but with something soft?? The soldier turned and stared right into 2 big green eyes…………..SUSAN! Oh, oh it was Susan that just hit me with pillow and woke me up from a hard night’s sleep!! I looked back at my wife and said, “Oh, hi honey, did you sleep OK last night?”

Susan looked back at and I knew I was in trouble………”Who is AURA!!”

Oh boy, I really have to cut this stuff out!!

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