Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline September 2013
Feature Event

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The car show had approximately 230 MGs on the field and featured the MG Sedans. As it was for the whole weekend, the weather was flawless with abundant sunshine and moderate temperatures.

The Saturday night banquet was held right at the Hilton and featured Peter Thornley as the guest speaker. Peter’s father was Mr. MG himself, John Thornley. John was the Managing Director of the MG Car Company from 1952 until his retirement in 1969. He had first become involved with MGs through ownership of an M-type Midget which led him to become the founding secretary of the MG Car Club in 1930. That led him to employment at Abingdon as the Service Manager and eventually to becoming the head of MG. Peter, who resides in Atlanta, offered warm memories of his family and his father’s long career at MG.

John announced the Summer Party will return again next year and the featured models will be post-Abingdon MGs. Paging Mr. Perez! Paging Mr. Dino Perez!

Chicagoland MG Club members present:
  Dave Novak & Lisa Jones
Jeff & Sharon Powell
Shari Schwingle
Oscar & Diana Gonzales
Steve & Kate Skegg
Jim Evans
D’Arcy Balinger
Mike & Mary Kay Cobb
Steve & Liz Gorr
Roger & Shirley Goebbert
David Zebarah
Kim & Diane Tonry
  Gene, Becky, Chris, Emily & Nick Cooper

(My apologies to anyone I missed)

~~Kim Tonry

Mark your calendars…

The CMGC Holiday Party will be held again in the same room at Bella Vista in Bensenville on Saturday December 7th (first Saturday in Dec). More details to come ...stay tuned!
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