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Register's Chairman, Keith Sanders, addressed the gathering, and extended his warm thanks -as we all did - to Rick, and presented him with a memento for the occasion. First, second, and third place awards were given to those with the winning cars following the voting from the morning's car show, in each class - tourer and GT. Rick and Keith then conducted an auction with bidding on donated (including by members in attendance) MG and car related items - and that resulted in several hundred dollars for the AMGCR coffers.

This year, the CMGC was also represented by Jack Feldman (who has attended at least a dozen of these boondoggles over the years), despite his C being with son Louis in Oregon - the state where next year's C Event will be held (and where no doubt Jack will be). Chris & Anne Shepard arrived in their GT Friday night, after realizing at the last minute their schedule would allow it - better late than never! MGCs from other states were there, with the farthest being from Connecticut.

Fortunately, the weather was not hot - between 75-85 degrees - and it did not rain. A couple of MG owners had issues with their cars, but Chris & Anne and I did not, and we had uneventful trips there and back.

Again, kudos goes to Rick and Keith for their leadership and their enthusiasm for the MGC. It was an action-packed C' Event in our MGs and in the company of each other. All in attendance enjoyed themselves, with acquaintances made and renewed. MGCs and their owners might be few in number, but as was shown at CBA XXXIII - nice things come in small packages.

~~Doug Clark

Feature Article
Tales of the Mongrel
My First “Real” Trip to England
(Story 1 of 4-My English Family)

NOTE: This story will be in 4 parts as there is enough material from 30 days in England to do just that. This is Part #1 with Part #2 following next month.

I have actually lost count as to how many times I have been to England since 1983. Being married to an English woman requires appropriate level of contact with UK family and friends. I also visited England for work adding to the trips. The reason for which I consider this my “first” trip is that on this sojourn I didn’t have to work! Before, when going there on vacation there were always phone, email and projects due. Work was always a significant part of any holiday!!

This year was different as having retired March 1st - NO WORK! Nor did I have to rush back and so stayed just over a month.

Susan is the oldest of 4 girls. Next is Ruth who lives with husband (Gary Dimond) in Blackmore (east of London), then comes Anne (married to Darra Comyn) in Crouch End (Central London), then Sarah (married to Ted Clover) on a farm just north of Cambridge (Willingham). My mother-in-law (Jane) lives in Cheshire. Ruth & Anne have 3 children each so there are plenty of nieces & nephews.

England, more than any other European country, seems to as-simulate the US in many things. There are more large Dominic-style food stores replacing smaller quaint food shops. Pubs that served bitter only, now have full menus and complete wine lists. The previous 4-channel TV is giving way to Sky Cable. The motorways have become crowded with many European bound lorries and cars are squeezed (by trucks in 2 lanes) into the right-most passing lane slowing things further which, in the old days very rarely happened.

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