Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline September 2014

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August was probably one of the busiest months of the 2014 Driving Events. We had club members drive MG’s to Chaska, MN for the GOF and to Grand Rapids, MI for the University Motors Summer Party. Along with the President’s Picnic, the drive-in movie night, the Tally Ho Rally, and the Westmont Street Fair, there was a MG Clubs of Chicago event every weekend. I hope that you drove your MG in at least some of these events and that you enjoyed it. Enjoyed it so much that you are planning to join us for the remaining events of the 2014 Driving Events.

September has the British Car Festival and the 10th edition of the Wine, Cheese, and Beer Tour. If you have been on one of John and Ann Schroeder’s tours before, no introduction is needed. If you haven’t this is your last chance as it will be their final tour before passing on the baton.

I am really pleased that we have a definite go for the Lucas Memorial Night Rally on Saturday, October 11. Rich Meservey and Sundy Mead are planning it in a new and innovative way, paying tribute to Joseph Lucas with minimal dark-time driving and getting you safely back home in a timely manner. Their date fills an open area on our calendar and you should find an announcement in this newsletter. All that we have to do is start our MGs and enjoy the ride. The best way that we can support Rich and Sundy in organizing their first MG rally, is to do just that, start our MGs end enjoy the ride.

And then, let me jump ahead to the end of October,


the Halloween Rally, the last rally of the season. We’ll start again from our house in Prospect Heights and we’ll try to recreate the idea of a historic road rally, from the times that most of our MGs could have been participating. And maybe we’ll add some Halloween this year too.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or ideas by sending an email to or calling me at 847 342 9804.

"The more you drive, the more you smile".
-- Reinout Vogt

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