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Well Saturday, 8/9, was a busy day. I spent 5 hours going through a 1978 MGB that has been off the road for at least five years. Started by pumping several gallons of rather foul yellow gas out of the tank, at least the pump works! The car was inspected front to back and the usual culprits identified. We hope to have about $400 of parts to put on it. The big job is to replace all the brake hoses, rear wheel cylinders, shoes and pipes along the axle. It has got the rather common ‘crushed by tow truck driver’ affliction to the rear pipes. All the fuel hoses need replacing and the single Stromberg carburetor opening & cleaning. Judging by the gas that came out of the tank, the float chamber is not going to be pretty.

The garage was closed on Sunday 8/17 due to the Lisle Windrunner 10km race at Danada forest preserve; I’m in charge of the start banner!

On Sunday 8/17, I carried on with the TR6 which is now running nicely. Shakedown testing has started to identify the bugs. I fixed a load of little electrical issues, the biggest of which was a new dimmer switch for the instrument lights that was fried! A soldering iron & some wire cured that. The trunk light even works, which is great because it never did up to now


in the 20+ years I have had the car.

The week started by going backwards on the TR6 removing stuff I had (supposedly) finished work on! However the body is now finished and the week ended by not only getting back to where we were at the beginning of the week but getting slightly ahead. Which is always a good thing? Basically all that left to do on it now is fit the stereo. The Great Lake Tour happened on Thursday as part of the University Motors Summer Party.

On Saturday 8/23, I spent 7 hours in the garage fitting some $400 of parts to the MGB that’s on the lift. This coming Saturday will hopefully see it starting up after 5 years of hibernation. The plan is to bleed the brakes, add oil & gas, change the ignition switch, connect a battery & go for it! Sunday I will try & finish off the TR and give a house call to a non-starting Midget.

Coming up on September 6th is a TR6 clutch replacement. A different ball park to an MGB.

See you on the road!

~~Steve Skegg

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