Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline September 2014
Past Event
The 24th Annual Orphan Auto Picnic
August 17, 2014

This event has been conducted by the local Chicagoland Corvair Enthusiasts club for many years. Most recently, it has been staged at the Kendall County Fairgrounds, near Yorkville. The bad news is that it usually conflicts with the University Motors Summer Party in Grand Rapids, MI. The good news is that it offers a similar venue for folks looking to enjoy a car-oriented event while avoiding that long drive to Grand Rapids.

This year, about 100 – 125 cars were on hand August 17th, to include many old Hudsons. Nashs, Packards, Studebakers and other “orphan” makes (an “orphan car” being defined as one from an out-of-business manufacturer or being a non-supported model from a continuing manufacturer). Ironically, the “orphan” definition now fits makes such as Plymouth, Pontiac and Oldsmobile. Oh well, time goes on.

Admission is always free, and the host club supplies free beverages and cooking equipment for those who make it a real picnic.

This is a nice event – very low key – with no trophies, just a chance to display your car and visit with like-minded old car enthusiasts.
~~Jim Evans

Grand Lake Endurance Challenge
August 14, 2014

The day started off bright and early, with a 6:30 drivers meeting. Steve and I arrived full from our expansive breakfast, provided by a surprisingly jolly clown, considering the hour. None the less, once adequately caffeinated, and instructed on the rules of the rally, we gathered our wits and plotted a course to victory.

The plan was simple: Win. However to do this, we were required to photograph ourselves at a City/Government building which started with the letters A through Z, as well as a School/Church/University, again, with the letters A through Z. There was also a "Wild Card" category which included a sign, again, A through Z. Finally, we had to find 5 lighthouses, 5 State Parks, 5 National Parks/Forests.

So after briefly conferring over the remnants of our cold coffee, we situated ourselves in Steve's MGB-GT, and sped off into the nether regions of Western Michigan. In the suburbs of Grand Rapids, we gathered the majority of the Wild Cards at a local mall. Smug with our initial progress, we hurtled ourselves north, towards Manistee, and the one of only 2 National Forests in the Lower
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