Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline September 2015

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As I write this, August 23rd, it looks like the dog days of August have passed. The past several days have been sunny and cooler with less humidity, and it is forecasted to be nice all week. Perfect weather for a top down drive in a LBC. Hopefully you were able to take advantage of it and not just sit around reading one of the fine selections from the CMGC library. I know that our esteemed editor/secretary Victor did. The book that he has been looking for, Burt Levy’s Montezuma’s Ferrari, is missing from the library. I don’t want to get him P.O.ed (personally offended) so please take a look around your house and see if you have it. Also please check for any other of the club’s library material you may have out. Keeping something for a month or two is fine, but several years is a bit much. Have to go now, it’s time to watch one of the best races of the year, the Belgium GP at Spa.

Chronical of a Car Crash British Leyland: Chronicle of a Car Crash
Chris Cowan, 2012, 195 pages, soft bound

THere’s book that Seth recommended and I found it quite interesting. Although the title may suggest a MVA or a 10-50 (don’t you just love acronyms and professional jargon?) it is about the collapse of British Leyland. “The focus is on the vehicles produced by the company, but the story refers to the political and economic context of Britain in the seventies asking: ‘Could this have been avoided?’” Maybe it wasn’t completely Triumph’s fault.

-- ~~ Bill Mennell

CMGC Project Car
Club Car Work In Progress!

Our Tech Coordinator, Steve Skegg, has graciously volunteered to host, and manage therestoration of the Club's newly acquired MG-B-GT! We will be looking for members who are interested in helping out. No special knowledge is required, because we want this to be a learning opportunity for all club members, at all skill levels. What better way to learn the in's and out's of an MG than under the watchful tutelage of the club's own master mechanic?
It doesn't hurt that Steve's garage is also heated and air-conditioned!

List of work sessions status: (order determined by availability of parts & manpower)
  • Windscreen replacement—waiting on proper gaskets
  • Interior install – interior upholstery, seat belts, door locks—Kim Tonry & Steve worked on the door locks. They are all off and waiting for some touch up paint before the new ones are installed. The interior was removed and the inside cleaned. The car smells a whole lot nicer now! Tim Schafer & Bill Kalafut with help from Jim Renkar, did most of the cleaning job, excellent work guys and thanks for braving the outdoors. Then they started the reassembly process which will continue at the next session. The carpet has started to go back in and the under bonnet sound deadening has been glued in place.
  • Install the new electronic SU fuel pump, correctly
  • Brake/ Clutch hydraulics. - rebuild the brake pressure failure assembly with a new shuttle valve & seals
  • Engine / drive train refurbish - fluids change, prop shaft reversal & connection, radiator support & tray install & getting it started.
  • Body, clean, paint touch up etc.

  • Workers can expect to turn wrenches, and get as hands-on as they like, in a relaxed atmosphere. Steve has all the tools needed, so the only thing you'd need to bring is your enthusiasm! Since we'll be working on an old car, wear cloths that you don't mind getting dirty.

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