Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline September 2015

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sports cars. We made a 24 hour 600 mile side trip to do "BritBull" car show in Millwood, WA (near Spokane) with Northwest British Classics car club. Back in Seattle we met with MG Car Club Northwest Centre (east division this time). We also met with MG Car Club Northwest Centre (Far East division) in Yakima, WA. Most recently we met with Inland Empire MG Classics in Spokane Valley, WA for a breakfast meeting followed by a mountain cruise and lunch in Hope, Idaho a couple of hours to the east.

Somewhere south of Portland we ran across a Chevrolet Volt sailing up the expressway. These cars normally have limited electrical drive range, but carry along an engine generator to recharge on the fly for longer range.

In mid-August we had a maintenance day, doing engine oil and filter, gearbox oil, differential oil, changing rear brake shoes and installing a new plastic radiator fan (replacing one with two broken blades only a couple months old). For about 20 minutes one day in late August we got to run up the Spiral Highway (the old Lewiston Grade) north of the Snake River at Lewiston, Idaho.

In Oregon and Washington we found huge fields of wheat and hops (for a you beer lovers), mountains and forests going on forever, and unfortunately lots of forest fires. We just cruised into the western end of Montana, enjoying the mountains (and tolerating forest fires). We have plans now to visit a few people in Montana and North Dakota, although there are no MG clubs in Montana, only one British car club in Fargo, North Dakota, and no clubs in South Dakota. It looks like we will turn into tourists for the next few days. Then perhaps Minnesota and Wisconsin (on our way back to the Chicago area) before heading for western Arkansas for a September 11 appointment. We may be in town for the CMGC/Miata Autocross on 9/5, and Natter 'n' Noggin on 9/8.

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~~Barney and Elliot Gaylord

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