Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline September 2015
Past Event
Tally Ho Rally
Sunday, August 16, 2015

While the foxes were not on strike this year, they were only in evidence in the parking lot of the Lucky Monk restaurant. The weather cooperated and 21 teams were dispatched on a two-plus hour rally through the South Barrington countryside where we tried to stay within the posted speed limits, not get lost, and hunt for clues. Apparently all went well for no teams disappeared into the Bermuda triangle, as happened last year. Two MGAs, ten MGBs and four MG TDs took part. Six teams drove other makes, one of which was a recent model Jaguar convertible. Carl Vogel lent his TF to the chief fox, however the car never left the parking lot and the fox was motionless throughout the rally.

Prizes, all somehow related to the Tally Ho theme, were awarded to the top eight finishers. Points were deducted for time over the limit (2 hours and 8 minutes), questions missed, and 20 points were deducted for driving something other than an MG.

The top car, an MGB driven by Bill & Cecile Kalafut lost only one point! Second place went to Ray Costa (driver) and Win Gould (navigator) who lost 4 points and finished next to last in 2014. Third place was a tie (minus 5 points) between Ric and Nancy Maitzen (MG TD) and Russ & Amy Mehaffey, driving an MGA. Gary Maves came in 5th and Bob Lee rounded out the top eight, missing only 9 points, so competition was fierce. At the other end of the stick, the last place driver, who shall remain nameless, lost 214 points.

In the end, everyone had a great time. There was a lot of fun and laughter and the beer was tasty and cold. Thanks to Carl Vogel for once again setting a great rally course.

~~ Ray Costa

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  Gerard Geraci   1959 MGA        Ellen Silverman  Navigator 
  Terry Gandy
  Tim Schafer     Pilot/Mechanic  79 MG Midget
  Jamie Schafer   Navigator       79 MG Midget
~~George Phariss  
Steve Gorr 78 MGB 73 MGB-GT Liz Gorr 78 MGB 73 MGB-GT
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