Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline September 2016
Past Event

Tally Ho Rally
Sunday, August 14, 2016

The weather fortunately took a break from the high heat and humidity which we had been getting and provided ideal driving conditions. We gathered at Lucky Monk Restaurant parking lot, and I believe we had a record setting number of 32 cars entered in the rally.

The roads we traveled were all very familiar from previous Tally Ho Rally’s but they were still just as enjoyable to drive. Going through the densely wooded areas was wonderful as well as going through the wide open lawns of the horse farms and, of course, the beautiful homes.

Don Ross was my navigator and we did very well on the questions. But at some point we missed a landmark we needed to find (and wouldn’t you know it was Kiley). As a result we ended up miles off course. We ended up backtracking a long distance to a point where we knew we were on track and completed the rally back to The Lucky Monk.

When the winners were announced I was sitting in another room because there were no seats available in the main room. Paul Risner came over to tell me that Don Ross and I had tied for first place with driver Tom Moore and navigator Doug Clark. I was amazed. As it turns out Tom and Doug also got hopelessly lost. The biggest surprise was that the powerhouse rally team of Rick and Nancy Maitzen came in third place. How did this happen? Because they did the route perfectly, answered all the questions but arrived a bit too early and were docked points for that. Go figure.

~~ Bob Riley
Thanks so much to Laurel Fredericks and Carl Vogel for the efforts they put in to provide such a wonderful driving event for both clubs.

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