Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline September-October 2010

Dave Peterson The Steering
Left Hand Drive

The subject has come up as to how tight the enforcement is on use of cars that have antique plates. I recently drove my roadster to Fred Dornback's house to help Dino and Fred work on Fred's GT. Fred needed a ride into town to pick up his truck from the mechanic who had been working on it. When the mechanic saw the AV plate on my car he told Fred that another client of his had gotten a $450 fine for driving his antique on a non-sanctioned use.
Without looking at the particulars I think the allowed uses for cars with antique plates are: Car shows, club events and maintenance. I thought there was some leeway for the occasional pleasure drive, but I'm not sure. Since I tend to a bit paranoid I always try to have a plausible explanation of why I'm driving my "antique" if I ever get questioned.
Obviously driving to or from a club meeting or other event qualifies. Certainly driving to or from or taking part in a tour or rally is OK. A trip to a car show or cruise night is fine, but what about driving to those events as a spectator? It seems to drive an antique to the parts store should be OK. But what about a stop at Home Depot or the grocery during that parts run? Good maintenance requires a regular drive from time to time just to keep the beast limber. If I'm working on a long term tuning question it seems reasonable that using the car to run errands is a good way to check progress. But could that get me a ticket?
I've always thought it was blatant disregard for the rules; like driving an antique to work daily, that would get a ticket. What's your experience?

See you on the road!
Safety Fast
-- Dave Peterson


Dino Perez The Steering
Right Hand Drive

Once again you must not let your car sit while the rest of us are out having lots of fun, fun, fun. We are driving with our tops down and caravanning in groups of different colored MG's in beautiful weather again. Well, maybe there might be a mist or pouring rain but its still lots of fun!!!
The club hosts / sponsors rally's, tours, gymkanas. Please don’t be afraid to join us at these fun and exciting events. I’m certainly not a rally specialist. However we just did it for the fun of it. We followed the one car that navigates well (or really just play follow the leader). The more you try these different events, the better you will get at them.
Just come out and have some fun. Win or lose, being together with other MG guys and gals is what makes it so special.
The tech session at my house went well. The weather looked gloomy in the morning but by the afternoon the sun came out and made for a very pleasant day. We worked on several cars out in the driveway. It was great to be able to work outside. For lunch there were burgers, hotdogs, fried chicken and cannoli’s for desert. Thanks for showing up at my tech session.
-- Dino Perez    

Welcome New Members
The officers and members of the Chicagoland MG Club extend a cordial “MG Welcome” to these new members who have joined our club in recent months. We wish each and every one of you “Safety Fast” and hope you will avail yourself to as many club activities as you can.

Yves Bode - Woodstock, IL
Teddy Kaye - Las Vegas, NV - 1976 silver MGB
Peter Mrakovich - Lombard IL - 1966 red MGB
Nea Gieske-Timmermans - The Netherlands
Michael & Daniela Folker - Arlington Heights IL - 1958 MGA
Marty Zidron - North Barrington, IL - 1973 MGB, 1953 MGTD
Steve Weber - West Lafayette, IN - 1959 MGA
Leslie & Harold Paulsen - Palatine, IL - 1973 red MGB
Jim & Dorothy Fiedler - Seneca IL - 1970 red MGB
D'Arcy Ballinger - St. Anne, IL - 1957 MGA, 1980 MGB LE

Note: Any new member whose name does not appear above, your application may have missed our deadline. If you don’t see your name next month, please call our Secretary, Victor L’Heureux at (847) 516-3093 to verify.

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