Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline September-October 2010

Top Gear 10
DVD, 10 fifty minute esosodes, color

Who in their right mind would attempt to drivethrough the Kalahari desert in three 20-year old bangers? Or try to cross the treacherous English channel in a fleet of amphibious cars that are less seaworthy that the average church? You guessed it- Top Gear's three intrepid presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May! "There is some serious car journalism in here too, with exhaustive road tests of the latest models, a search for the perfect driving road in the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Lambo Gallardo Superleggera and Astin Vantage N24, a look-back at the history of motoring.

Top Gear 11
DVD, 10 fifty minute esosodes, color

"Fasten your seatbelts as Jeremy, Richard and James attempt to build a better police car with old bangers, race a Nissan GT-R against the fearsomely efficient Japanese public transportation system, break down in three sub-(lb)1000 Alfa Romeos, invent car fox-hunting using a Daihatsu Terios 4x4 and Jeremy as the prey, and try not to cause a diplomatic incident as they take on the German version on Top Gear in a series of grueling automotive tests".

Inside the Octagon 2
MG: 1946-1980
DVD, 86 minutes, color and B&W

This is a film documentary of the MG Car Company's post-war years. It includes interviews with MG personalities such as John and Peter Thornley, and Phil Hill explaining that is a NO-NO to put the top up or the side curtains on an MG. Also has rare newsreel footage and extensive coverage of the land speed record cars. Volume 1 is also in the library on VHS tape.

-- Wilbur Mennell


Monthly Column of Driving Events

Several 2010 Driving Events took place since I wrote to you last. We had threewere rallies. The Transportation Extravaganza saw 18 teams participating and finished at the Small Wonders Micro/Mini Car Museum was a unique setting. Thanks to Ken Weger and Paul Urquhart for making this happen. The second rally was the Tally Ho Rally by Carl Vogel from the Vintage MG Car Club, for which we were invited. The third rally,on August 21st was the Lucas Memorial Night Rally last night. Dave and Susie Tucker had a great route prepared through the Western forest preserves including some very sportscar-like roads with lots of curves and hills. Unfortunately, only four MG's and a Ford F150 participated. I am not sure why there weren't more MG's. Maybe it was the hot weather, maybe the MG's (or their drivers) were rallied-out a bit, or Saturday evening is not a good time for a rally. If you have any suggestions or ideas about this, please give me a call or e-mail me at 847-342-9804 and Ross and Maureen Wiltse came out for their very first MG Rally and you can read about their very good experience in this Driveline issue.
The Orphan Auto Picnic, cordinated by Bill and Scottie Cole had a very good showing of MG's together with many MG friends from the Vintage MG Club. John and Ann Schroeder returned their Wine, Cheese, and Beer Tour back to Wisconsin. 21 cars participated, all British except for two yellow Corvettes. This 2010 tour was announced as the Wine, Cheese, and Beer Finale, but I heard that specific questions about that were answered kind of vague, so who knows ...?

The updated point standings for the 2010 Driving Season awards are on the club website, and the leaders are:
The Moss Motors Cup for driver of the year: Barney Gaylord 23; Jim Evans 17; Kim Tonry 17; Victor L'Heureux 15
The Victoria British Cup for navigator of the year: Teresa Gaylord 20; Diana Tonry 15; Penny L'Heureux 15; Nancy Herman 12
Our club is officially affiliated with three National MG Clubs, NAMGBR, NAMGAR, and AMGBA each have their own annual conventions. In the last Driveline you read about the track day at the NAMGBR convention in Canada. But we had the NAMGAR and AMGBA conventions much closer to home, just above the Wisconsin state line. Maybe the combined participants to these kind of multi-day conventions can write about their experiences or do a photo presentation at one of the upcoming club meetings. It would be interesting for the members who never had the opportunity to attend a National MG Convention to learn about it. This is particularly relevant because 2011 will have the fourth North American Council of MG Registers convention. That means Pre-War MG's (also known as Triple M's), T-Series, ABC's, plus Midgets and Saloons, they'll all be in Reno-Tahoe, Nevada. This event is held every 5 years, and the Indianapolis IN , Minneapolis MN, and Gatlinburg, TN, events drew close to 1,000 MG's and have been the highlight in many MG ownership careers. If you are considering
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