Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline September-October 2010

Directions - Continued

to make the long trip to Reno-Tahoe Nevada it might be a good idea to start the planning early and discuss the details about MG preparation, schedule, route planning etc. with the members who did it before.
Next on the calendar is the Halloween Run, a rally with a different twist to it on October 31st. We'll make sure that the rally ends in time for you to be home for your neighborhood's Trick orTreating. You will find all details in the announcement elsewhere in this issue. Also on the calendar are the Fall Color Tour and the Fall Tune Down Party. Because the timing of our Newsletter got out of sync a little bit you may have to check the club web page, or on Facebook for information.
MGCC logo We just spoke about the three national affiliations of the club, and if you look at the address side of the Driveline cover you will actually notice a fourth logo, that of the MG Car Club over in England. This is the Mother Club of all MG Clubs, which started in 1930 as the official MG factory supported MG drivers club. And we are actually one of the few regional MG Clubs in North America that is officially affiliated with the MG Car Club. And if you're quick in math, you already know that 2010 marks the 80th birthday of the MG Car Club. They will celebrate this with the largest MG event ever, staged around the globe and supported by Internet based services as YouTube and Flickr. You can read more about it at and our own Kim Tonry and Ray Navarro are planning the Chicago participation for our two MG Clubs. Stay tuned at Facebook and the club website for details.

“The more you drive, the more you smile”
-- Reinout Vogt

Lucas Night Rally
A Newbie's Recap of Their First Rally

Why do we have these British Sports Cars? Some would say, investment, others for nostalgia reasons, we say to drive something unique and have fun. Being new to the CMGC, we were not sure how a rally worked or how we would fit in, after all this was our first driving event.
We met at the rally start point. Dave & Susie Tucker gave us our driving direction and some questions to fill out, we weren’t sure what the questions were about. Once everyone arrived, Dave held a drivers meeting, and we learned the questions were road signs along the way to look for, each question was worth 2 points toward the total score for the rally. Other points would be gained by: How close you could put your front bumper to the start line, check point stopping, and distance accuracy in mileage. For safety reasons all of the questions were based on signs to the right, which made it safer and easier for newbie’s. The driving directions were clear and easy to read, when we found a road sign that was part of the question list, we were on a sharp lookout for the next sign, which helped us spot the checkpoints.
We learned it takes a lot of thought to put a rally together. To us the rally was a fun event with a lot of activity throughout the event. Most of all we enjoyed the drive through the towns and countryside, looking for the road signs. We also learned, like life, signs you should be looking for can go by faster than your realize. So I would highly encourage anyone who hasn’t tried a rally to give it a try, you can bet we’ll be there.

-- Ross & Maureen Wiltse
1978 White MGB

Vintage Sports car, LLC.
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