Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline September-October 2010

Lucas Night Rally
August 21, 2010, Oak Lawn, IL

Flashlights were turned off. Paperwork turned in. We hope everyone had a good time. It was more of a driving rally. There were only 28 answers that participants hadto get. At the starting line, everyone had to pull up close as they could to a taped line. A "T" square with graduated markings touching the front bumper. Showed the extra points allowed. One checkpoint on the route had plastic egg choices. There were 5 eggs available but you could only open one. If you were lucky, the egg gave you 2, 3, or 4 extra points in your rally score (3 eggs had the # 3 inside).
One road was so twisty & hilly we just had to have them drive it 3 times. They had to complete aU-turn once at each end. Reinout was manning this roads checkpoint. My son Jeff came later on in the evening to help. If they stopped at the checkpoint on the second pass they gained extra points.
To help on directions, landmarks at intersections along with distance between two directions were added. If there were no answers given between two directions. I added NQ2A there also. We wanted to make this an easy rally for the novice to follow. I made only one mistake on directions. Adding the road name and distance kept people on course. (I should have put the 2nd stop sign & only listed one stop sign for one direction, oh well).
Les Brothers restaurant provided ample seating for our group. Good food with bar service. They wanted to say thanks to all the rallyists.

Final Standings:
1st) Kim and Diane Tonry
2nd) Barney and Theresa Gaylord
3rd) David and Gayle Schmidt ( Non-member. )
4th) Ross and Maureen Wiltse
5th) John and Juliana Kearns
Rally-Masters: Sue & Dave Tucker

 -- Dave Tucker

2010 Lucas Night Rally
General Instructions

The CMGC makes a serious effort each season to have fun, challenging and enjoyable driving events just about every weekend during the driving season. Since there are so many new members to the club I thought that I would share the general directions and part of the route from the Lucas Night Rally. Rally’s are a very enjoyable way to take part in a club activity. This particular rally was created by Dave Tucker and was designed to be straight forward and not too complicated. A perfect rally for a “newbie” as seen in the article on page 6.
- editor note

Start & finish point will be the same. In Les Brothers strip mall lot. West side by Ridgeland Ave. N/End. They will be marked as Check Points.

All answers are in order. And found by looking straight ahead or to the right. No answers will be found on the left.

In the route instructions. Approximate distance to the next instruction is added. If no answers are to be found between 2 instruction points. You will see No Questions To Answer as in NQ2A after the distance listed. You might find NQ2A between 2 points on the same road. Landmarks are added also.

You are allowed 3 hours to finish. Up to 30 min late will show a deduction of your score for every 5-min late past the 3 hr mark. Over 30 min late is a Did Not Finish. Teams must total up total route miles before handing in your paperwork.

Check points will be found along the route. Stop for extra points.
Route Instructions:

Right on Ridgeland at the Stop sign.

Left at 87th St. ( 1st Stop & Go light)
Aprox 3.7 miles to next instruction.

Left on Kean Ave ( Citgo sign on left. No gas station )
( NQ2A )( NQ2A )

Francen & Son

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