Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline September-October 2010

24th Annual British Car Festival
Oakton Community College

In celebration of the second largest oil spill to hit thiscountry in 2010, approximately 450 vintage cars and bikes gathered in Des Plaines, Illinois on the second Sunday in September for the 24th Annual All British Car Club Festival. Touted as one of the largest gathering of British iron in North America, every imaginable marque was represented from Austin's to TVRs. As usual, MGs took center stage with our Club having the largest presence among the many clubs represented. In addition to the car show, there was entertainment consisting of traditional Irish dancers, a bagpiper, multiple parts vendors, food vendors and the opportunity to reunite with old friends who we hadnít seen in far too long.
For anyone who hasnít been to this event, (which I find hard to believe) this is a must attend and the highlight of the car show season. The venue was the beautiful Oakton Community College campus with plenty of free parking and grassy picnic areas. Admission without a car is a $5 donation at the door; with a car itís only $25.
At the conclusion of the show awards were given based upon popular vote from the other car owners in multiple categories for each marque.
Winners for MG include the following:

MGA                     ?  1962 MGA       John Cline
                      393  1959 MGA       Earl Campbell
                       47  1960 MGA       Gary Picard
MGB (chrome bumper)   280  1970 MGB       Rick & Sandy Hamaker
                       63  1964 MGB       Ronald Wilson
                      424  1973 MGB       Jim Ruedisueli
MGB (rubber bumper)   459  1980 MGB       Jerry Johnson
                       75  1979 MGB       Steve Chiarito
                       35  1979 MGB LE    Oscar & Diana Gonzales
MG Midget             232  1970 Midget    Bruce & Debbie Bodven
                       11  1976 Midget    Bernard J Matlage
                      381  1972 Midget    Neil Janota


Be sure to highlight your calendar for the second Sunday in September 2011 for the 25th Annual ABC Festival. It promises to be a special event Ė even if you donít have a running car. Iíll see you there.
-- Steve Selan

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