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2012 Wine, Cheese, Beer, and Shakespeare II Tour
†September 21 Ė 23, 2012

"A rose is a rose is a rose. You can change its name, but you can't do anything about the way it stinks". Yes, for this month I have changed the title of my monthly article. And you will be pleased to learn that you will not have to read one of my boring book reviews. Jake Snyder has agreed (with a little arm twisting) to cover the book review duties this month. I will instead review the recent Shakespeare Tour hosted by Ann and John Schroeder.

As usual for this annual event, most of the participants gathered Friday afternoon at the Quality Inn in Rockford. At was a rainy afternoon, but not bad enough to cause any problems. It cleared up in time for our short drive over to the JMK Nippon Restaurant for a delicious Japanese style feast. Then back to the hotel for some after dinner socializing.

Saturday morning dawned bright but not so clear, hints of a slight mist in the air. With the rest of the players arriving, John was able to get the group (over 60 at a point) under way on schedule, no mean feat. After some spirited driving on local back roads, our first main stop was at the Grumpy Troll Brew Pub. It did not live up to its name as everyone had a good time and left in a good mood. Some of us even put the tops down on the cars, as the sky was clearing.

It was nice in the sun, but nippy in the shade waiting for the play to start.

Off to see the play Troilus and Cressida, written by a chap named Shakespeare (and all this time I thought that he just made fishing poles and tackle) at an open air theatre performed by the American Theatre Players. I'm not sure if I am old enough for this play, as it is full of alternate life style sex, three-ways, and violence. After the play it was off to the next hotel, The Round Barn in Spring Green. A quick check-in then a buffet dinner at The Shed. Back to the hotel for cigars, brandy, and fine conversation; well maybe it was beer and BSíing.

Russís MGA didnít like cold morning start.

  Sunday morning ice scraping.
Sunday morning dawned bright and clear, if a little on the cool side. After scraping the ice off the windshields (I kid you not) it was a short drive to Peck's Farm Market to load up on pumpkins, jellies, fresh veggies and the like. I got some pickled eggs to go with the beer I going to get later. Deb said that I could only eat them when she was gone for the day. I wonder what she meant by that?

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