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The Chicagoland MG Club consists of a membership of over 280 members; the majority residing in the Chicagoland area. The club is staffed with four elected officials and currently eight support staff positions. Staff members meet once a month.

Being a club staff member is an honored position and is truly rewarding. As an active member in good standing it is your obligation to consider taking part in the administration of the Club activities and assist in the planning of the future of the organization.

As we prepare for our 36th Anniversary in the year 2013, we will need strong leadership moving forward.

Please consider one of the following positions:

  Elected Staff Positions
  Support Staff positions:
Driveline Editor
Technical Events Coordinator
Driving Events Coordinator

Nominations for the four staff positions will be accepted during the October and November club meetings.
If you are unable to attend either meeting please submit your nominations to

Members desiring Support Staff positions will be approved by the Staff.

Election ballots will be provided in the December edition of Driveline.

So… what would I have to do???
Here is a high-level responsibility for each position. If you think you would be interested in any of the positions, give it a try.

Elected Staff Positions  
President Presides over staff and member club meetings.
Vice-President performs duties of President in President’s absence.
Secretary/Membership records meeting minutes and maintains membership records.
Treasurer responsibility of all CMGC funds, keeps financial records up-to-date.
Support Staff positions:  
Regalia provides insight to membership of various regalia available; tracks regalia sales.
Driveline Editor publishes monthly newsletter.
Classifieds collects classified ads submitted and submits to webmaster for publication.
Librarian maintains CMGC library of books and video materials.
Technical Coordinator coordinates various technical sessions.
Driving Events Coordinator coordinates various events, officiates annual Driving Event calendar meetings.
Webmaster maintains club website.
Toolmaster maintains checkout log of club tools.

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