Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline October 2012
Tales of the Mongrel
Ralph Arata
The One That Stayed Behind

The two premier club tours (Wine & Cheese and Jo Daviess) have and will always the favorites for Susan and me. They are favorites because it gives us a weekend away, it provides some real MG driving experiences in scenic places and well….what can I say - it’s the people that make these tours one of those unique life experiences.

Dan Herman and John Schroeder demonstrate the high water mark of club devotion and spirit of giving in all of hours they give in developing these tours and keeping them fresh. I talked with John several times before the 2012 Wine & Cheese and I know he was putting the experience of the members first!!

I have never done this type of thing myself but I can certainly say that both John and Dan experience is some stress. Route planning, rooms, restaurants, cell phone list, front and rear drivers, contingency planning all contribute to a New Testament of checklist items to address.
Thanks you John and Thank you Dan!

This year with Susan and I did not make the trip – last minute! For those of you that know me I ride a road bike (bicycle) and have done so for years plus. I am to a point where speeds can be 25-30mph. The Saturday before Wine & Cheese I took a ride on a normal route. A freak accident threw me from the bike going just over 21mph fracturing 3 ribs, dislocation the collar bone and “slightly” collapsing a lung. Ouch! In hospital thru Monday afternoon.

The good news is that the bike is OK! For me, no chest tubes or surgery but a good deal of pain management. Never having been in a hospital the entire situation was somewhat “distracting”! I am back home and doing very well although I will probably not be on the bike rest of this season.
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Technical Tips

While many of our cars had factory tool kits, over the years they have either lost some of the tools or been re-moved from the car entirely. I carry a rudimentary tool kit in an original type tool roll. Requirements for different cars vary, but you will need at least the following:
  - Pliers-needle-nose and regular
- Screwdrivers-a couple of sizes of both straight and Phillips
- Crescent wrench-call it an "adjustable spanner" if you wish to sound British.
- Feeler gauge-I don't know why, but I always have a fear of my points closing up, and no way to set them.
- Jack and lug wrench or wheel hammer-are they really there? Better check!
- File-I like to carry a point file, fuel pumps can be given enough life to get you home if you file the points.
- Electrical tape, wire and an assortment of crimp-on terminals.
- Wrenches-a basic set of combination wrenches (make certain that they are of the appropriate type for your car.)

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