Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline October 2013
Past Event
Peds in the Weeds

The turnout was good for this event — Eight MGs were on display for the children to touch and get a ride around the park.

As you know, I always end my column New Directions with the smiley faces and the slogan "The more you drive the more you smile". That became even truer when a small group of our members participated in Peds in the Weeds, the picnic for the family and (ex)patients of Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Children's Cancer Department.

We were eight MGs: Lisa and Dino Perez - MGB Limo, Diana and Oscar Gonzales - MGB LE, Ann and Jake Snyder - MGB, Russ Mehaffey - MGA, Gerry Risner - TF, Bob Lee - TD, Greg Hoeft - TC, and Emma, my M-Type. There were about 700 guests but because the forest preserve was so large it wasn't crowded at all. There was music, games, slides, and food.
Nothing but smiles were noted this day.
We lined up, in model year order, along the parkway next to a fire truck, ambulance, and police car. The club tents provided much needed shade because it was a beautiful sunny day. It took a little while before the guests figured out that we actually were able to take them out for a ride. To the end of the forest preserve, for a short trip, or all the way around the forest preserve for a longer tour. And as the day went along we did more and more rides. The limo was probably the most in demand because it could take several family members at once.

So where do the smiles come in? Well, take a look at these photos and what do you see? Smiling kids! I didn't take as many pictures as I should have, but these are two great examples. The more we drove, the more they smiled. And the best thing is that their big smiles gave us an even better feeling than the usual smiles of our own. We saw a lot of kids, in small groups, with whole families, sometimes three generations, and of course you don't know who's who; patient, ex-patient, or siblings of patients. But smiling they all did and that is what the day was all about. I am sure that all of us felt the same way on our ways home; a day well spent.

"The more you drive, the more they smile".
-- Reinout Vogt

Mark your calendars…

The CMGC Holiday Party will be held again in the same room at Bella Vista in Bensenville on Saturday December 7th (first Saturday in Dec). More details to come ...stay tuned!
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