Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline October 2013
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In addition to vendors, the spectators were treated to Scottish bagpipes and folk dance. The troop roved throughout the grounds performing various folk dances.

After viewing all the cars and talking with the various car owners, I was surprised to not that it was just about time to pack up and head for home. It was a good day!

CMGC club members that were presented with awards based on the car classification. (There may have been winners from the Vintage MG Car Club that are not listed here.)
Class Name                      Year   Model                    Registrant 
  MGA                           1957                          Steven Chiarito
  MGB (Metal Bumpers)           1967                          John Schroeder
  MGB (Rubber Bumpers)          1979                          Steven Chiarito
  Other MG                      1971  MGB GT                  Steven Chiarito
  Other MG                      1995  MG R V8                 Dino & Lisa Perez
  Mini (Classic)                1967  Mini Countryman Mk II   Steve Skegg
  Vintage MG (Prewar incl. TC)  1938  MG VA Tickford          Lou & Tina Louchios
  Vintage MG (Prewar incl. TC)  1931  M Type                  Reinout Vogt
~~Victor L’Heureux     

NAMGAR Steve's British Connection
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