Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline October 2013
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Sunday’s activities started at little after 9:00 with a short drive to downtown Springfield where we toured the Lincoln Museum, which turned out to be a wonderfully interesting and creative presentation of Lincoln’s life and work, and included many interesting artifacts such as a draft of the Gettysburg Address in his own handwriting.

The group made the short drive to Boone’s Saloon for lunch and libation before saying their good-byes and departing for home in various informal groups. Many thanks to John and Ann were offered for their efforts organizing this Tour for the Club, and a number of participants also emailed their appreciation.

Here are a few excerpts sent to them indicating what a delightful time it was:

“I get to thank both you and Ann first, for the hard work and devotion to this year’s “Wine & Cheese”. It was a wonderful 2 days. Weather people, the road and the places. I have little doubt you will hear more and so my point that as I step back to see how this club has “evolved” I have to say it is not just a social club tied together by a car but we have become a community of people who like to get together because of the people...” -- Ralph Arata

“We had a wonderful weekend with old and new MG friends, great food and sites, what more could you ask for!” -- Sharon & Jeff Powell

“…thanks again for your research ... for your organizing skills ...  for the hard work of finding and checking venues and routes ... and for your negotiating skills as you persuaded at least one reluctant restaurateur to serve our group. Having gone northward and westward, we have now prodded our balky, ancient vehicles along Rte. 66 to visit the politically inexplicable capital of this politically inexplicable state.” -- Nancy Duke & Don Klugman

“We had a great time and wonderful nice to meet all of you.....!” -- Cindy & Mark Michalak

“The restaurants were great, and we thought the Lincoln museum was one of the finest and most memorable museums we have ever had the pleasure to visit. I particularly loved the 3D movies, the sculptures, and the artwork everywhere. It was worth the long drive just for that museum! Now we want to see the “Lincoln” movie again!
We had a wonderful time, met and got to know some new people, and shared lots of stories with our friends. Our trouble is, we never can decide whom to sit with at the meals, because we have so much fun with everyone! :-)
We have a truly unique group of friends and we hope the “newbies” will continue to tour with us to get to know us all better!
The other thing that amazed us is how the landscape is SO different in southern Illinois. We experienced cornfields, flatlands and windmills...and on other tours it’s up-and-down-rolling-hills-like roller coasters and stuff. Each tour is unique and Tom and I will try to make as many as we can ongoing, as long as our little ‘80 Miggle holds up!”
-- Teri & Tom Holzman

“Thank You, Thank You for the wonderful weekend.  We are still talking about the good time we spent with you and all our friends, some from long ago and some we just met.” -- Diana & Oscar Gonzales

What a wonderful trip!
~~Dan Kerkman

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