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Aug 26, 2014 edition

The ‘Fix it’ garage continues to be busy. I continued to do some fettling & tweaking to the TR6. I’m still not 100% happy with the timing / carbs. It seems to be lacking some grunt on getting going. Otherwise it’s pretty much done and I hope to have it at the Westmont & Downers Grove car shows this week.

The B I have been working on is nearly finished. I had it out on the road for the first time in 5 years on Sunday. Some issues to take care of, like a racing idle and then it will be done. Thanks to Dave Newman for helping with brake bleeding on Saturday. The brakes are great, which was one of the main objectives in the process of getting it going again.

We had some fun changing Dave’s 2005 Tahoe front hubs on Saturday as well. Not a complicated job or difficult, so long as the bolts all come off, which thankfully they did. Dave saved about $500 in garage labor so he is a happy camper. The air conditioning in the garage was a life saver!

Sunday saw me make a house call to a 1965 Sprite which wasn’t firing. The PO (previous owner) had ended up giving the car away to the current owner because he couldn’t get it going after fitting first an electronic ignition & distributor and then a new points distributor. About 90 minutes saw it happily running, which was a great success.

It had a couple of problems. The first was easy to spot. The PO had grounded the low tension side of the coil so the points would never do anything. Having removed the extra wire I expected the car to start. No joy! The new 45D4 distributor was mounted in a strange way so I couldn’t see the points. So to make life easier we removed it. The little plastic insulator on the points spring that the wires sit on had melted & I think we’re making contact, again grounding the coil all the


time. Replacing those with a spare I had, refitting the distributor & timing it a bit by luck & a bit by experience saw the car fire up. Another happy owner!

However that wasn’t the end of Sundays MG fun time. An MGC in British Racing Green, from Indianapolis on its way around Lake Michigan for a tour had lost its clutch in Chicago. Calls from the owner to Richard Ingram led him to Kim Tonry & John Schroeder and then on to me. The car is now ‘resting’ under a cover at the ‘Fix it’ garage while the owner completes his Lake tour & arranges to pick it up.

Phew……! Hopefully this week will be quieter & I can get the TR 100% finished and work on the MGB started again.

See you on the road!

~~Steve Skegg

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