Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline October 2014
Past Event
Westmont Street Fair
Cass Avenue, Westmont, IL
Featuring CMGC Cars
August 28, 2014

Despite being a Thursday night with gloomy weather and a chance of rain members still came from near and far with 18 cars to participate in the Westmont Street Fair on August 28th. There was a separate lot in the middle of the fair reserved for the MG Club cars. We had a nice variety of cars including 3 vintage MGs, 1 MGA, 1 Midget, 11 MGBs, 1 RV8 and 1 TR6. Many people walked through the MG lot to view the cars and ask questions.

The “rally with a twist” was a 15 minute walking rally which ended at J. Flemings Absolutely Delicious restaurant. Drivers and navigators had to answer questions about businesses within the Street Fair area as they made their way to the restaurant. The Jim’s dominated the rally with
Jim Compton capturing 1st place with 17/30 points, James Brennan close behind with 15/30 points for 2nd place, and Jim & Carolyn Vondran locking in 3rd place with 14/30 points. We all enjoyed a delicious dinner and drinks on the outdoor patio deck.

The MG Peoples’ Choice Awards were swept by the vintage cars. Robert Lee’s TD took 1st place followed by Reinout Vogt’s 1931 M Type in 2nd, and Beverly’s TD in 3rd.

It would not be an MG event without some sort of mechanical issue. Bernie Mayer’s MGB was overheating on his way to Westmont so shortly after he arrived Steve Skegg and a few other members were gathered around his car diagnosing the problem. Despite the overheating problem Bernie did make it home safely.

Unfortunately, due to the weather the evening was brought to an early close. Hopefully, everyone made it home before the rain!

~~ Bill Kalafut

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