Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline October 2015

Autocross season 2015 is now history. We had a great turnout for our final outing on Sept 5th. The CMGC club had 8 members participate this year ó 7 of us challenged the cones. James Brennan played coach, photographer, and cheerleader until he had to leave.

Rumors that our club president doesn't have a working car were proven very wrong. Not only does it run but, Dave Novak piloted it to victory in the MGB Class. Great Job Dave! Participants were Tim Schafer #833, Rich Meservey #480, David Novak #49, James Brennan #703, Bill Kalafut #147, Jim Compton #546, Seth Jones #3 and Dean Hickenlooper #904. The Midgets really rocked with Seth and Tim finishing out the top three spots in the MG class. Novice autocrossers Tim and Dean showed they came to win.

Place Car # Driver Car Model Best Time
1 49 David Novak 74 MGB 66.723
2 3 Seth Jones 71 Mg Midget 69.476
3 833 Tim Schafer MG Midget 70.421
4 904 Dean Hickenlooper 904 Mgb Yellow 70.748
5 147 Bill Kalafut 70 Mgb 71.62
6 480 Richard Meservey 80 Mgb 71.718
7 546 Jim Compton 1978 Mgb 72.944

Iíd like to thank James Brennan for the few pictures we did get this time and apologize to those we didnít capture. We really could use a photographer. The only time you can take photos is during your rest period.

It was a very fun Autocross season as any of those that participated can attest. The nine CMGC members that autocrossed this year include are Seth Jones, Jim Compton, Rich Meservey, James Brennan, Bill Kalafut, Ross Compton, Tim Schafer, David Novak, and Dean Hickenlooper. I hope even more will join us next season.

Finally I wish to extend my gratitude to the co-coordinators of the Windy City Miata Club Autocross. They run a organized, fun and safe event. Without which we would not have had this opportunity.

~~ Jim Compton

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