Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline October 2015
Member Car Project

hour to remove the cross member and over 4 hours to get it reasonably clean.

At this point Iíve taken most of the things off the car that Iíve had to. I modified the transmission cross member to allow ďeasier installation of the transmission mounts. And Iím now painting up the transmission cross member before reinstalling them on the car. I elongated the holes for the transmission mounts and added holes through the cross member to allow a socket extension to pass through to the backside of the transmission mounts. Another of the many suggestions I got from MG Experience.

Maybe next month I can continue my story with the tales of success as I reassemble my car.

Jim Compton
1978 MGB

CMGC Regalia

Another new item has been added to our on line store at Fieldhouse. It is an Ivy League Hat or also known as a Cabby Hat. These new hats are in and going fast, so if you need one, better act quickly.

We also have visors available. Take a look!

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As a reminder, our store address is You can also get there from our Club's web site, just follow the links.
CMGC Nametags are on order!
For the following members who have signed up for the CMGC Nametags, the nametags have been received. I will have the nametags available at the October meeting.

  Oscar Gonzales  79 MGB-LE       Jim Reakar       72 MGB	†
  Jim Compton     78 MGB          Penny L'Heureux  67 MGB	†
  Gerard Geraci   1959 MGA        Ellen Silverman  Navigator†
  Terry Gandy
  Tim Schafer     Pilot/Mechanic  79 MG Midget
  Jamie Schafer   Navigator       79 MG Midget
~~George Phariss  
Steve Gorr 78 MGB 73 MGB-GT Liz Gorr 78 MGB 73 MGB-GT
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