Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline October 2016
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Chicagoland MG Club
Staff Position Elections

The Chicagoland MG Club consists of a membership of over 260 members; the majority residing in the Chicagoland area. The club is staffed with four elected officials and currently eight support staff positions. Staff members meet once a month. Being a club staff member is an honored position and is truly rewarding.

As we prepare for our 41st Anniversary in the year 2017, we will need strong leadership moving forward. You as an active member in good standing it is your obligation to cast your vote for the candidates running for the staff positions.

Below are the general responsibilities of the elected staff positions. We will be accepting nominations for staff positions at the October Club meeting on October 17th. Won’t you consider ‘tossing your hat into the ring’ this year?

Elected Staff Positions                  function                                                                                                    
President Provides leadership in club operations and presides over staff meetings and club meetings.
Vice-President Assists President in the organizational responsibilities of the club.
Secretary/Membership    Records meeting minutes and is responsible for club correspondence and membership database.
Treasurer Records and maintains club finances.

In Memorium…
One of the long time members of the MG Club in Holland - Mrs Nea Gieske - passed away 28th September 2016. Nea Gieske was very active within the MG Club and participated in many arrangements around the world, although she never had a drivers license! Nea was the widow of Pieter Gieske, who passed away in 1985. Nea and Pieter were a very good team with Nea as a codriver in their yellow MG.

Lately, Nea was especially fond of the Chicagoland MG Club and visited you almost every year at the Halloween event. She was also planning to come this year.

Submitted on behalf of all Nea's friends in Holland and Denmark — Anette Schierbeck

Editor’s Note: Nea was an active member from afar of the CMGC for the past 6 years and we enjoyed her company on the driving event she attended while visiting the USA. She will be missed.

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