Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline November 2013
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Deb and I just returned from watching the movie Rush by Ron Howard. If you haven’t yet seen the movie I am sure that you are at least familiar with it. The 1976 Formula 1 title battle between rivals Niki Lauda and James Hunt. An outstanding movie. But how does it compare to the 1966 classic Grand Prix? It’s been a long time since I have seen Grand Prix on the big screen but I feel that the photography and sound were better in Grand Prix, as well as were the racing scenes, but the story line in Rush was superior. Truth is better than fiction. Grand Prix won three Academy Awards; film editing, sound, and sound effects. We’ll have to wait to see how Rush fares. These movies rate as the numbers one and two racing movies in my book, and after all, I am the librarian. But which is better? ……………………………..You’ll have to decide for yourself.

As an aside, Lauda’s fiery crash at The Ring is central to the movie. For more information on the state of medical care at the tracks and hospitals at the time, read the book Rapid Response, available in the club’s library. And note how long a pit stop for tires took back then.

Grand Prix
Driver by Driver

Liam McCann, 2013, 139 pages, photos, hardbound

After starting with a brief history of Gran Prix racing, the author gives us short bios of the top 100 Formula One drivers, from pre-war drivers such as Nuvolari to current stars like Vettle. Listed alphabetically, it’s easy to find your favorite driver, including the two mentioned in the Muse.
~~Bill Mennell

CMGC Regalia

Adult polo shirt Cinch bad We have another new item available thanks to Bill Mennell; it is a large club logo that is made for hanging on the wall. It is metal and really looks sharp. If you were at the last club meeting you saw an example. They are only $30. They will go fast.

CMGC Grille Badge, new in 2006, and again in 2013 We also received our order of car badges and we have lowered the price to $20 since they are not numbered.

I recently checked our on-line store sales and we are selling some of our merchandise from As you know, these items are available for customization with our club logo and your name or other information. You can also visit the site to order MG merchandise of which some of it can be personalized with our club logo.

License plate frame stadium blanket How about a warm Stadium blanket for those cool fall (or early Spring) outings? They are embroidered with the CMGC logo.

We have a good supply of club license plate frames as well as the small club pins if you are interested. We also have a small inventory of items that are available at club meetings and other events.

name badge CMGC Name Tags are available to order. If you need a Name Tag, let me know and I’ll but you on the next list. Once we get to 10 on the list, we place the order.

Any questions, do not hesitate to ask George.

-- George Phariss    

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