Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline November 2013
Past Event

Kettle Moraine Art Studio Tour
October 11-12, 2013

What could be better for a Fall afternoon than to travel the winding roads of the Kettle Moraine in Wisconsin visiting artisans displaying their art? Twenty-five members in twelve cars assembled Saturday morning to do just this. This was to be the fourteenth year for the Studio Tour. Starting in a small town in East Troy we traveled first to the studio of Hohf Piano Workshop. A guest artist, Thomas Buchs, displayed his many artworks among the many pianos under refurbishment in the shop. Jerry Risner couldn’t resist playing a few melodies on a baby grand on display – to the delight of the many guests.

Then off the country farm in Palmyra to view the intricate sculpture work of Jef Raasch and Kaaren Wiken of Xn-Trix Studio. The intricate wood carvings and sculpture pieces were breathtaking.
The woodworking shop in the lower level of the old barn was interest to many of the members.

We had been fortunate up to this point to have decent weather – cool, but dry – but now the weather was changing. Rain started misting the windscreen and it appeared it was going to get worse soon. A few diehards kept their tops down – either challenging the rain or too ornery to put up the top. As we approached the Composite Clay Studio in Dousman, the rain was getting serious and the tops went up on a few more cars. Lightning struck nearby and the thunder was deafening – luckily we were indoors at the time. The rain was short-lived and soon we were on our way to the William Lemke Studio in Waukesha and the Mary Nimi Studio in Mukwonago. These last three studios displayed various types of clay sculptures and pottery - all unique and quite interesting.

Our tour ended at the Fork in the Road Restaurant in Mukwonago. The food was tasty and the service was great (I particularly liked the local beer). By the time lunch was over the rain had stopped and clear skies prevailed for our way home.

Thanks again to our hosts Ric & Nancy Maitzen for orchestrating this annual event.

~~Victor L’Heureux  

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