Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline November 2014

    Monthly Meeting Minutes
October 20, 2014

David Novak

George banged the gavel at 8:01

New Members and Guests:
Steve Sparks, new member, who lives near Midway Airport, with a ’65 Midget. Who’s had some ups and downs, but has been working with Seth Jones to get his Midget sorted. Guest Fred Hoffman from St. Charles, who’s had many MG’s, with 3 TC’s! He’s got a ’77-ish MG-B with an aftermarket hard-top, in red, which looks nice.

Car Projects:
Dino Perez
had to re-shim his bearings a second time to fix a vibration after his disc shattered, and he replaced his bearings.
Seth Jones replaced a water pump, and a radiator hose, which seemed to be the real culprit of the coolant leak. However he’s still seeing a significant loss of coolant that he can’t explain, but he’s working on it.

Club Nominations:
Phil Wydra was nominated for Treasurer.
Victor L’Heureux was nominated for Secretary.
Ray Hansen was nominated for Vice-President.
John Kearns was nominated for Vice-President.
David Novak was nominated for President.

Ralph Arata then gave a slick presentation on Lubricants. (See what I did there?). We then took a short break, after singing Happy Birthday to the club.

50/50 Raffle for $23, and cupcakes! Michael Hirsch, won $23! Steve Sparks won a package of cupcakes! Phil Wydra won a package of cupcakes!

Events since last meeting:
Wine, Cheese, and Beer Tour: Went great for John & Ann Schroeder’s last tour. Ralph Arata and Russ Mehaffey are going carry on the tour.
Car Care Clinic for Seniors: Went Well, if lightly attended.
Halloween Rally, October 26—which should be a lot of fun.
Fall Tune Down, November 2nd on changing your oil; bring your own oil, and container to take used oil back.
Pads Oil Change... Date is on the website (or will be soon!).
Cruise to the Rock: Held on Thanksgiving, at the Rock, down


by the Museum of Science and Industry, on the morning of Thanksgiving.
Christmas Party in Lisle, on December 6th, at the Wheat Stack. Sign-up form is on the club website.
Amtrak trip in January will be in Pontiac Illinois.
Swap Meet, is March 29th Big club event!

Driveline and Advertising:
We’re trying to increase the amount of money the club is raising through, advertising in Driveline. All advertisers will also get ad space on our website, because we get around 700 hits a day at the website, which reaches a much wider audience than just the club. We’re trying to do this so we can raise money so that when members are planning driving events, the club will buy the planner a tank of gas for a 1-day event, and 2 tanks of gas for overnight trips.

Staff Reports:
Finance: Ralph went through the P&L, and We’re doing OK.
Membership: ~270 and slowing growing
Library: Still have some cool wall plaques, as well as some drying packs for winter storage.
Driving Coordinator: Reinout is traveling, but is looking for an apprentice for future coordinator position.
Website: Still up and running, and has been working on adding the advertising for the website.
Driveline: Victor needs articles before next Friday.
Facebook: Is going strong.
Tech Coordinator: Has been working hard in the garage.

Next meeting is November 17th, and we will wrap up the club nominations then. Gerry Gerraci is going to have a talk about being on Wheeler Dealer, and hopefully we’ll get a copy of the show.

There was a brief tribute to George Phariss, who then banged the gavel at 9:42 PM.

Yours respectfully,
David Novak

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