Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline November 2014
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Iím writing this previous to the U.S. Gran Prix in Texas. Itís been quite a year so far. The four-time reigning world champ, Sebastian Vettle, is leaving Red Bull to go to Ferrari to help develop the team and bring it back to its former glory. This is after repeatedly being out-paced by his teammate, Daniel Ricciardo. He hopes to copy Michael Schumacherís success when he left Benetton to go to Ferrrari. Will Vettle do as well as Schuey? Itís hard to say, but I donít think that he has it in him.

Itís also interesting to note that Williams (now Williams Martini Racing) is ranked third in the standings, behind Mercedes and Red Bull. To show my support, I only use Martini and Rossi vermouth in my martinis and Negroniís. And I give them a lot of support. What I donít support is the race in Singapore. Itís an ugly track and so hot that they have to race at night. Letís go back to Holland or Mexico.

Racers Richard Williams, 1997, 290 pages, hard bound
ĎThis is a book about the men who drive racing cars, and about their place in our lives. It is about how sport reveals character, and how character is sometimes deformed by sport. It is the story of three drivers: Damon Hill, Michael Schumacher, and Jacques Villeneuve. It is about their effect on each other, their effect on us, and our effect on them.í This is not a book full of racing stats, but an account of the attitudes and emotions of the key players during the 1996 season. Donated by The Goebberts.

Racers MG Ė Just for the Record
CD, 45 minutes
This CD is from my personal collection. The sounds of various MGs, including pre-war, under power or racing, and an interview with John Thornley. Also brief interviews or comments by the car owners. Itís fun to listen to the Brits attempting to speak English. Whereís Henry Higgins when you need him?

~~Bill Mennell

CMGC Regalia
We have received our new hats and they look great. In fact we already sold 3 hats at our last club meeting. We sold the last of our club hats in the spring and now it is great to have a new supply. Stop by and see our inventory, you may just see a hat that you would be proud to wear. Also, there are hats at our club store at You should check them out as well. When you shop for Chicagoland MG Club regalia, you can customize the Chicagoland MG Club clothing with your own name, number, nickname or slogan in an almost unlimited combination of colors! And best of all, you can view how your Chicagoland MG Club regalia clothing will look before you buy! There is another web site that has lots of merchandise for British car enthusiast where our club logo is also available and that is "". Take a look at their web site as well.

As always, if you have any problems, do hesitate to call George or email me and I will try to help you out.

CMGC Nametags are in!
For the following members who recently purchased the CMGC Nametags, they have arrived. Please pick them up at the monthly club meeting or at upcoming driving events.

	Albert Chladek	74 MGBGT	Kathy Szempruch	75 MGB
	Chad Fitzloff	74 MGB		Bob Ligmanowski	77 MGB
~~ George Phariss  

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