Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline November 2014
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The 6th Halloween Rally
The 2nd MG Special Stage Rally
Sunday, October 26, 2014

Once again, the Sun Gods blessed us with abundant sun and warmth. Reinout and Henneke graciously provided the club members with a welcoming start to the rally with fresh coffee and donuts.

Around 23 MG’s of various vintage were on hand and ready to compete. There were even a couple of vehicles exposing their obvious MG envy. One, a Jaguar, being a second cousin to our beloved MG’s and the other being a Porsche. Why the Kaiser would roll over in his grave. It was really good to see some new club members. It’s always nice to meet and talk to new MG enthusiasts.

After going over the rules, directions, and checkpoint stages, the event started out well except for Mark Michalak’s car fell victim to an electrical problem within the first few blocks. The dreaded Prince of Darkness struck again. After replacing the coil, the car was up and running just fine. Take that Lucas Electronics. Jim Evans was also plagued with a fuel problem halfway through the rally. And alas Ralph Arata never even had the chance to start the rally since his car experienced an electrical problem that could have required a fire extinguisher.

Drivers had to adjust their driving habits to arrive at the designated check points within a prescribed time. Points were added for either arriving too late, or worse, too early.
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