Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline November 2014
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Once at the check point certain skills, most of which would be considered unsafe by our parents, were required to keep from accumulating more points. First we had to throw small goards into a net from a moving car. Next there was the throwing of darts at a pumpkin, also from a moving car. And lastly, driving as fast as safety allows through a pylon course and then backing back over the same course, again at a high rate of speed. I hope Dinoís insurance agent didnít see the red rocket whip through the course sending smoke and rubber in all directions.

At one checkpoint, we had to identify a small bag of parts from an MG. No problem there, they looked like the parts that are usually left over after I worked on my car.

There was a crossword puzzle and a couple questionnaires that challenged even the most devoted MG owner. Iím sure we all learned a little more about the MG heritage and what the British names of some of the carís components actually are.

The course Reinout selected took us through some of the most picturesque areas of the Northwest suburbs. The fall colors were exploding with beautiful hues of red and orange. Going through the forest preserves, I wanted to just get out and jump into one of the many magnificent leaf piles.

Of course a rally is only as good as the food waiting for us at the end. No disappointment there. Emmettís Brewery in Palatine offered a relaxing atmosphere to compare notes, sip a beverage or two and enjoy a good sandwich while waiting for the trusted auditors to tally the scores.

Coming in third place was Paul Risner with his son Cameron navigating. Second place was Glen Grosklags who impressively drove without a navigator. And no strangers to winning, Russ and Amy Mehaffey took top honors. Congratulations on a job well done.

Itís always nice to end the rally season on a high note. Given the weather, the drive and the company we shared, Reinout and Henneke hit this one out of the park.

~~ Phil Wydra      

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