Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline November 2015
Feature Event

to announce this year’s Lucas Rally Winners.

Tim & Jamie Schafer—Overall Rally Winners!

Tim & I had to leave before the winners would be revealed. To our surprise, we received a call from Bill and an email from Rich notifying us that WE WON THE RALLY!! WHOO HOO!

Thank you Rich and Sundy for an AWESOME day out! It was an Extraordinary Rally you coordinated!! Look forward to the next gathering!!

~~ Jamie Schafer

Lucas Memorial Rally - 10/11/15
Club Awards
(Total Overall; Tiebreaker - Mechanical)
1st Tim & Jamie Schafer
2nd Lisa & Dan Stephens
3rd Steve & Liz Gorr

King of the Road

(Time & Miles; Tiebreaker - Mechanical)
1st Phil Wydra
2nd Joe Neidlinger
3rd Matt Shemluck

(Rally Questions; Tiebreaker - Special Inst.
1st Joy Rosvet
2nd Mary Brooks
3rd Sandy Wydra
Grand Wizard
(Lucas Test; Tiebreaker - Extra Credit)
1st Jim Compton
2nd Dean Hickenlooper
3rd Gary Maves

Safety Fast
(Safety Equip. & Lights; Tiebreaker - Mechanical)
1st Bob Lee
2nd George Phariss
3rd Victor L'Heureux

Car of the Day
Gary Maves
Motor Works
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